Robert Downey Jr. is Turning Into Iron Man in Real Life

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man in Real Life:

Even though fans are still licking their wounds on losing Iron Man aka Tony Stark from Marvel Universe following Avengers: Endgame, it is safe to say that the off-screen Iron Man is still out there. RDJ has given us plenty of reasons to find him and Tony Stark synonymous. They are so similar that we can’t imagine anyone else in Iron Man’s shoes or suit in this case. Ever since the actor has retired from the MCU, he is becoming more like his on-screen character day after day.

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Robert Downey Jr. made his debut in MCU as the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist through Iron Man. He instantly won fans all over the world and was also received well by the critic. RDJ and Tony Stark’s life seems to have run parallel over the years. Sons to powerful parents in their industry, both RDJ and Tony had their share of fun in their young times, ignoring their talents and potentials.

Quentin Tarantino Robert Downey Jr Iron Man in Real Life

RDJ practically saw his career and life fall apart as he dived into heavy substance abuse, and got arrested for possessing drugs and for trespassing. His career had almost slipped away but saved in the last moment by MCU. MCU was initially skeptical about casting RDJ for his lack of credibility but on the director’s insistence, the studios had to concede. Iron Man movie was like a second chance given to RDJ to fix his life. He took a rebirth that day and veered his life direction completely. Making the best of this opportunity, he saw unprecedented stardom and worked hard on retaining it. But all these efforts were futile without a neat personal life. RDJ switched to a healthy lifestyle which helped him thrive mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man in Real Life

Similarly, Tony Stark had a near-death experience when he was abducted by the Ten Rings in Afghanistan. He was held captive and forced to develop a lethal weapon for the organization at the barrel of a gun. Escaping from the captivity and saving his life by inch at the cost of his mate, Ho Yinsen’s life, Stark swore not to waste his friend’s sacrifice. On being granted a second chance in life, he rose to the occasion as Iron Man and dropped the weapon manufacturing business. Stark never looked back ever since.

Apart from their similar sense of humor and free spirit while also maintaining a respectable persona, they have another factor in common. What Susan Downey is to RDJ is exactly what Pepper Potts is to Tony Stark. The women in their lives have helped them evolve into better humans. Both of them left their wild persona in the past, and became more positive and responsible men, and not to forget, very cool dads.

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man in Real Life

But lately, Robert Downey Jr. has stirred up talks on how he is becoming more like Stark with a new step. He delivered a keynote speech at Amazon’s Re: Mars conference held at Las Vegas and announced the launching of Footprint Coalition. This organization is founded with an idea to clean the environment with advanced technology. Footprint Coalition aims at using nanotechnology and robotics to serve the environment.

Downey Jr. said

“Between robotics and nanotechnology, we could clean up the planet significantly, if not totally, in 10 years. God I love experts. They’re like Wikipedia with character defects”

Robert Downey Jr Iron Man in Real Life

No one comprehends the significant relationship between artificial intelligence and Tony Stark better than Marvel fans. Even though Tony Stark is gone from MCU, we can expect to see more of him reflected on Downey Jr.

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