8 Ways How Eddie Brock And Venom Give Us Friendship Goals

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has quite a lot playing in its favor by getting a positive reaction from both the critics and the fans. Tom Hardy’s excellent performance as the titular character is actually responsible for making it a wonderful viewing experience. Other important elements also include the chemistry shared by Venom and Eddie Brock. They only seem to agree with each other in the direst of circumstances. This almost acts like the relationship shared by friends but the movie always has a primary antagonist who keeps them together. They might bicker a lot but it is definitely known that they do care a lot for each other. Let’s take a look at why Eddie Brock and Venom give us friendship goals.

They are aware that they are losers

In the comic book narrative for the character of Venom, he becomes a major enemy of Spider-Man and is even shown to have a personal feud with Peter Parker. This is not something that we get to see in the movie as here the prime motivation shared by the character is that of a hero. He actually tries to do good with the power that he possesses. This comes from the idea that here both Eddie Brock and Venom accept that they are losers in their own worlds. The two coming together actually makes them powerful amongst both humans and symbiote (defeating Riot). It is rather surprising to see that they still prefer to use this power for the betterment of the world.


No other Symbiote has such a bond with a human

The movies have given us various Symbiote and human bonds and this gave us either an absolute villain or a bond where the Symbiote had an upper hand on the human. This is an exception in the case of Eddie and Venom as they end up forming quite a good bond. They aren’t driven by the motivations of either one and rather discuss what they want to do and talk it out.


They allow each other to lash out

Eddie Brock And Venom

The relationship between Eddie and Venom has seen quite a lot of ups and downs through the narrative of the two movies. This includes their arguments where both of them mostly lash out at the lack of proper judgment from their own perspectives. While Venom often pity’s the humans and the acts of Eddie, he also tends to lash out. This was also quite apparent from Eddie too as he gets rid of Venom upon discovering the massive changes the latter was making to his organs. But they allow this to pass and then later come back to work together again.


Eddie gave up a normal life because of Venom

Eddie didn’t actually have quite a normal life but he could have had it. He sacrifices all of that because of his bonding with Venom. At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we see them actually leave town to stay away from the authorities. With this Eddie actually admits that he prefers having Venom around and rather make sure that the world is safer.


Eddie allows Venom to have fun

Eddie Brock And Venom

Eddie acts like a parent to Venom in order to make sure the latter doesn’t go absolutely crazy and wreak havoc in the world which he quite literally could. Venom has a taste for humans and Eddie tries to make sure that he doesn’t go for quite literally anyone in the world for food. But at the same time, Eddie allows Venom to experience the joys of being a human by allowing him to experience certain things.


Venom tried to save Eddie and Anne’s Relationship

Eddie and Anne’s relationship is another major portion of the movie and there are numerous times that we feel that the two might actually get back together again. But this relationship is in the ruins because of the absolute mess that Eddie causes to the relationship. Venom realizes that Eddie still has feelings for Anne and he feels that she might get back with him. He often makes certain moves in order to make sure that this actually works out.


They fight and make up for it

There are numerous arguments that both of them tend to have time and again and these arguments often lead to them trying to harm each other. Mostly Venom has the upper hand over Eddie considering he is more powerful and can almost puppeteer Eddie’s body. These fights are later discussed over and an understanding is reached in order to maintain a somewhat peace between them.


They address each other’s insecurities

Both the characters actually address a lot of their insecurities in order to establish a much larger part of their bond. The two often end up addressing the issues that further strengthen their bond. This gives them a much more human touch as they try to adapt to living with each other.

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