10 Awesome Cameos You Might Have Totally Missed In The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is already in the theaters. The fight between the light and the dark has already begun. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will die? Who will survive? The battle for the Galaxy rages on, the central characters find themselves in a do or die situation. But the movie is not just about them. A lot more interesting cameos will be missed even by the most prying of eyes.

 10. The Princes of England

Both Prince Harry and Prince William made a cameo appearance in the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi. They acted as First Order Stormtroopers in a scene within the movie. But their scenes were deleted in the final cut. The Princes took it in good humor.

Both William and Harry are well-settled and unlike royalty, they are so amazing and chilled out. Prince William married Kate Middleton and has two kids with her, Prince Harry recently got hitched with actress Meghan Markle (Rachel in Suits). We can only imagine how these two handsome dudes would look like in a Stormtrooper costume.

9. Snap Wexley

Greg Grunberg has had one of the most well-hidden cameos in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He appears as an ace pilot that pilots an X-Wing trying to do a recon mission on First Order Star Killer’s base.

He later appears in The Last Jedi as one of the pilots that escape D’Qar before the planet’s eventual demise at the hands of the first Order. He had a brief but significant role that only the lucky ones get in a huge franchise like Star Wars.

8. Gary Fisher

Gary was Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia Organa’s real-life dog. It was always Carrie’s dream to help his dog Gary star in one of the Star Wars movies. She got it.

Gary Fisher is a celebrity in his own right, with 150,000 followers on Instagram. So when a CGI creature that looked like Gary Fisher made an appearance in Canto Bight, fans went crazy. Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia definitely earned the right to bring her dog into the Star Wars saga and buoy people love animals (except few who don’t). Do check out the Star Wars movies to spot this cute little doggie.

7. Warwick Davis

You might remember this little fella from Harry Potter movies. He played the character of Filius Flitwick in almost every HP movie and also played the character of Gringotts bank teller in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The same guy also played Wicket in the Return of the Jedi. Warwick also appears in The Last Jedi as Wodibin.

Wodibin is the alien short statured fella that is seen pushing coins into BB-8 in the movie. It was such a funny scene that will make you laugh out loud.

6. Joseph Gordon Levitt

 Joseph Gordon Levitt had his big break starring in a Rian Johnson movie called Brick. So it was only fair for him to star in Johnson’s The Last Jedi. Levitt provides a voice-only cameo in the movie.

He is the alien that reports Finn and Rose to security after they land their shuttle on the beaches of Canto Bight. He is the guy that every director or studio wants for every role whether it’s sci-fi or superhero film. It’s because he is a thorough professional and hardworking guy. He is basically a lucky charm that should be there.

5. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy was supposed to extend Daniel Craig’s antics in The Force Awakens with his own unnamed storm trooper appearance in The Last Jedi. But as Craig fell to a Jedi Mind Trick, looks like so did us.

Hardy was nowhere to be found in the movie. He was to be one of Finn’s academy pals that suspects Finn to be a First Order mole. Maybe one day, Tom Hardy would do a part in a Star Wars movie but right now his plate is full and he is better off focusing on his next big project based on the comic-book character – Venom.

4. Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux makes a kind of important cameo in the movie. His character is that of the Master Codebreaker that Finn and Rose come looking for in Canto Bight. He is one of the high profile players of the Casino and personally recommended by Maz to pierce through the First Order shields.

Unluckily, the duo settles for Benicio del Toro’s DJ when the original codebreaker could not be met with. We could barely see him perform on the big-screen as Finn and Rose failed to get to him, but hopefully he would appear in Star Wars episode 9 as his fans would love to see him help the resistance in breaking critical codes.

3. Admiral Raddus

 Admiral Raddus was the heroic Resistance General that showed the First Order the finger in Rogue One. His fleet helped the rebels get the blueprints to the Death Star while engaging and redirecting First Order troops that were supposed to stop the blueprints from falling into enemy hands.

Raddus is the name of the lead ship of the fleet that now houses the entire Resistance as they escape First Order forces in The Last Jedi. It is only fitting that the name of the ship is after a war hero who helped ‘Resistance’ get their hands on the blueprints of the Empire’s deadliest weapon ‘Death Star’ which has the ability to destroy the entire planet.

2. Classic Trilogy Ships and Vehicles

Last Jedi

With The Last Jedi, the classic AT-ATs and X-Wings of the Original 1977 trilogy finally make an appearance. Luke Skywalker’s hideout shows a T-65 X-Wing crash-landed into the Ocean beneath. The AT-ATs also appear in the Battle of Crait beside the massive AT-M6s and also in DJ’s stolen ship as Finn is interacting with the codebreaker.

A lot of tech and gadgetry was inspired by the original trilogy and then the new upgrades were incorporated. JJ Abrams has promised to conjoin all the three trilogies in episode nine and create something truly spectacular, never seen before sci-fi drama on the big screen.

1.  Mark Hamill as Dobbu Scay

Now, why is he making a cameo when he has a lead role in the same movie? Well, that is Mark Hamill for you. He has a voice only cameo to his credit in The Last Jedi as well. He is credited as Dobbu Scay in the movie.

But who the hell is Dobbu Scay?!?!? Perhaps he is another contender for the alien that puts coins inside BB-8? We will know as soon as someone starts pointing some fingers.

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