6 Characters In The MCU Who Need R-Rated Projects

There are a lot of interesting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there are more set to make their debut. This is also the same time that we are going to see some rather exciting genres being explored in the franchise. Deadpool is also going to make its debut and Marvel has confirmed that it will stick to its R-rated roots and thus paving the way for such projects in the franchise. Even though it’s not sure whether there will be other projects that will get a similar treatment we surely have names we want to see being made into R-rated projects. Let’s take a look at the MCU characters who need R-rated projects.


Sabretooth managed to have multiple appearances in the X-Men universe and yet none of those did proper justice to the character. The only time he did manage to have something going for him was with his appearance in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. This left fans wanting more from the character as he is someone who can come quite close when we are talking about the Wolverine persona. Even though there’s no confirmation regarding when the Mutants will make their MCU debut, let’s hope Sabretooth gets a treatment we saw from the last Wolverine film, Logan.


Xialing (The Ten Rings)

MCU characters who need R-rated projects

The ending of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings saw the rise of Xialing and her rule over the Ten Rings. How this will be dealt with in the future of the franchise is something that has not been confirmed yet. There have been a lot of moments where we almost got an idea about the ruthlessness of the Ten Rings but somehow it wasn’t given a proper chance to be explored. Let’s hope the next time we get to see the Ten Rings or Xialing, they appear in an R-rated project and also make for an entertaining watch. This project is another name in the yet to be confirmed set of projects from the MCU.



One of the biggest things that set the Netflix Daredevil apart from the other Marvel projects was the tone. The series took a grounded approach while at the same time giving us some rather ruthless moments from the character. There have been various moments in the series where he was in a bloodbath with a lot of the other bad guys. A reboot for this narrative is being rumored to be under development in the MCU and it would be interesting to see Marvel sticking to the tone of the Netflix series.



Gladiator vs Hyperion vs The Sentry

This lesser-known Marvel character has more chances of appearing in the MCU following the introduction of the MCU’s Eternals. There’s a lot to explore in terms of the darkness in the MCU world with this character and it would be interesting to see a project based around him utilizing that material. His introduction could actually bring elements of a series like The Boys making it into the MCU.


Ghost Rider

There have been a lot of projects from Marvel making it into the big screen over the years. One of the names that didn’t really go well with the critics but was well received by the fans was Ghost Rider. Ever since the MCU started bringing a lot of their characters to the franchise, fans have been expecting to see this character make a debut in the MCU. There was a rendition of him that appeared in the Agents of SHIELD series and it garnered some positive response compared to the movies. If the character ever gets a chance to have an MCU project, let’s hope it gets the same treatment as the movies we had gotten to see.

Theories suggest that these are the MCU characters who need R-rated projects, Do you think that there are any other MCU characters who should be on the above list? Let us know about it in the comments down

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