10 Villains The Flash Got Absolutely Right

The Flash is probably the best Superhero TV show being aired currently. There are various reasons for it to be the greatest of all. One of those is the villains it has brought onto the big screen right from the comics. Here is a list of villains the show got absolutely right.

The Rival

While the Rival only got to run fast for a very short period, he was still a great addition to the show and he added on as a great competition for team Flash. His portrayal was done pretty well and it was true to the comics. Even though his character was molded just a little bit for the show, it was still done in the right way and the comic book fans did get the right feel for this particular character.

The Thinker

Even though we have not got to see a lot of this particular Flash villain, we can still tell this that the show has totally nailed it with this character as he is the one who will be the main bad guy for this season and he is the one who is pulling all the strings and no one even knows that yet.

Killer Frost (Earth 2)

Once it was revealed that Caitlin Snow would be one of the main members of Team Flash, fans had always wondered when she would turn into the Killer Frost from the comics. Well, the character has too many iterations to choose from, still, the writers chose to portray her in the right way and they got her powers and personality absolutely spot on.

King Shark

This is a character that had a high risk of being screwed up on the show, but the show actually showed him even better than the comics. The look itself was just insane and even though the character might not be that likable in the comics to some folks, he is still pretty awesome and they made him be way too brutal and big which was just incredible.

The Trickster

This particular villain was just a fantastic addition to the show. And moreover, they got the legend Mark Hamill to play him who is known as the man behind Luke Skywalker and the animated voice of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. The writers and Hamill just knocked it out of the park with this villain.

Heat Wave

He was another obscure member of the Rogues gallery of the Scarlett Speedster who was known for shooting fire. After the successful portrayal of Captain Cold, the writers thought it would be a really great idea to add Heat Wave into the mix as well. Even though the costume is not that good, the casting of this character is just perfect as they brought on Dominic Purcell to be the partner of Wentworth Miller who plays Captain Cold.

Captain Cold

Probably one of the best and most likable villains of the entire Arrowverse is none other than Captain Cold. The writers have just nailed him. The costume is pretty subtle and the best thing about the character is the guy who plays him. Miller has just got the iteration of this villain absolutely right and we love this villainous pair of Captain Cold and Heat Wave and they have been used pretty well in Legends of Tomorrow as well.

Gorilla Grodd

Grodd is one of the biggest villains for the Flash from the comics, and it is crazy as he is a psychic Gorilla! When fans heard that Grodd was being brought on the show, we all hoped that he just does not turn out to be a CGI massacre, but he turned out to be just the opposite and the writers and the makers got him spot on.


For season two, the writers decided to bring in Zoom, another speedster! Even though in the comics, Zoom was a massive villain for Wally West’s incarnation of the Flash, this was changed and molded for the show and Zoom got an entirely new and better-looking costume as well. Even after all the changes, the character’s core was kept intact and he turned out to be a great villain for the viewers to witness.

Reverse-Flash10 Villains The Flash Got Absolutely Right

Barry Allen’s biggest rival was the one character the Arrowverse had to get right going into the first season as everything depended upon him. He was the one who defined Barry Allen’s entire character arc, being the one who killed Barry’s mother, Nora Allen. In the comics, he vowed to do everything he could to make sure that the Flash’s life was a living hell, and on many occasions, he succeeded and this was shown very well on the show. Thankfully, they brought on Tom Cavanagh for the role, who is a very talented actor and that we all have witnessed throughout the 3 seasons.

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