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Actors Who Can Play Villains In The Batman 2

The Batman may have taken down the Riddler but if the DC reboot proved anything, it’s that Gotham has plenty of hidden corners where dark and dangerous villains can lurk undetected. Batman’s rogues’ gallery is a who’s who of iconic villains and there’s already been plenty of debate over which ones will crop up next after Paul Dano’s dramatic reinvention of the Riddler. Ahead of the Batman sequel, we think these talented actors are best suited to play villains in the Batman 2.

1) Mr Freeze – Mark Strong

Mr Freeze has largely been a figure of fun thanks to the wildly comical performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1997’s Batman and Robin. Batman diehards, though, have been desperate for an adaptation of the villain closer in tone to his appearance in the classic Batman: The Animated Series episode “Heart of Ice.” Mr Freeze is reframed as a tragic villain who only cares about preserving his frozen wife, Nora. Despite already joining DC’s pantheon of villains as Sivana in Shazam, we’d love Mark Strong to take a swing at a meaty Batman role. Matt Reeves is also a fan of the idea:

“I think there’s actually a grounded version of that story, which could be really powerful and could be really great.”


2) Scarecrow – Walton Goggins

Gotham’s dependence on drugs is already baked into The Batman series thanks to the introduction of ‘drops’ and its users, nicknamed ‘Dropheads.’ Scarecrow could take that one further with his own brand of terror, intoxicating the population of American’s rainiest ‘burg with his fear toxin. Cillian Murphy took on the role of Dr Jonathan Crane, but we think we’re about due for a new take on a classic villain. You could do a lot worse than someone like Walton Goggins, who has so often shown through his roles on the likes of Justified that he can skillfully mix being maniacal with a more cold, calculating composure when required.


3) Poison Ivy – Vanessa Kirby

Villains in the Batman 2

Vanessa Kirby was reportedly in the frame for Catwoman before Zoe Kravitz bagged the role, but we think she’d be a better fit for Poison Ivy. There’s certainly space for a plant-controlling supervillain in a city ravaged by flooding and likely mass panic in the wake of The Batman ends. The Crown actor could help redefine a slightly more ‘out there’ villain in the same way Paul Dano did for the Riddler. The Batman could once again look to seminal Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale comic series The Long Halloween for tips. Ivy worked for the mob to seduce and brainwash Bruce Wayne into destroying his public reputation.


4) Alberto Falcone – Kodi Smit-McPhee

Carmine Falcone may have bitten the bullet in The Batman, but the mob boss’ son, Alberto, could still be kicking around in Matt Reeves’ Bat-verse. The character may not be as well known as other members of Bats’ rogues’ gallery and that could work in its favour. In the comic series The Long Halloween, Alberto has a prominent role as an assassin named ‘Holiday’, who killed prominent targets on Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day. The character offers another way into the underworld as well as dealing with the key theme brought up by the series of the long shadow a family’s legacy can cast. In terms of actors, we think Kodi Smit-McPhee would be perfect. The Academy Award nominee already has the distinctive look, plus a perfect blend of softness and hidden angst that makes the villain so deadly.


5) Hush – Nicholas Hoult

Born Thomas Elliot, Hush was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne’s who orchestrated his parents’ death in the hopes of gaining their inheritance. Fueled by greed and hatred for Wayne, Elliot adopted the moniker ‘Hush’ and attempted to ruin Batman with the help of his fellow supervillains. Hush is essentially a darker, more warped version of Bruce Wayne and even took on Wayne’s appearance in his famous comic book run. terms of actors, we can’t think of many better-suited than Nicholas Hoult. The one-time X-Men actor could have the opportunity to show off a more sinister side than we’re perhaps used to seeing. It’s also a neat way of bringing in some real-world drama: Hoult was reportedly part of a two-man shortlist to play Batman alongside Robert Pattinson. It almost writes itself, with the history he has with the franchise.


What do you think about the above-mentioned actors will they be good as villains in the Batman 2? write down your answers in the comments.

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