How The Death Of Smart Hulk Will Bring Back White Vision? Explained

White Vision, created from the remnants of the original Vision in WandaVision, is nowhere to be found in the MCU. In his last appearance, after the Battle of the Visions, White Vision took off. Since then, fans had been waiting for him to show up in DS2 alongside Wanda. But we all know how that turned out! But we have a theory that the end of She-Hulk will make White Vision visit one of his creators, Bruce Banner. Keep up with the post to find out how White Vision will return due to the death of Smart Hulk?

Every Marvel and MCU fan knows that Bruce Banner has been suffering from the Hulk problem since the beginning of the franchise. Sometimes he gets stuck in his Banner form while sometimes in his Hulk form. That was until he figured out a way to enjoy both worlds. After the events of the Infinity War, Banner used his knowledge to figure out a way to keep his brains in his Hulk form, thus creating the Smart Hulk. He may not be as powerful as the original Hulk but is certainly smarter than him. However, last we saw him, in the post-credits scene of Shang-Chi, he was back in his Banner form.


Death of Smart Hulk

This seemed bizarre at the time, as we saw him in his Smart-Hulk form throughout Avengers: Endgame. But it would make sense that he would figure out a way to come back from that form too, now that he is getting familiar with his situation. But he hasn’t been able to do that in the past so, it calls into question if his back-to-human transformation is permanent. Because if it is, and Smart Hulk is metaphorically dead for now, this could tease the return of White Vision.



White Vision’s Appearance Prophesized By Bruce

The later parts of WandaVision saw SWORD creating their own version of Vision from the same hardware as the original one. So, naturally, he inherited the original’s memories, but the absence of Mind Stone confused its software. So currently, he is in a state of confusion with nowhere to go. So it would make sense if he returns to the one person he knows who could help him understand himself. And that is none other than Bruce Banner. But why would he go to him?


Avengers: Age of Ultron saw Tony Stark and Bruce Banner using the Mind Stone to create a self-sustaining AI that could control the Iron Legion all by itself. According to them, this could decrease battle casualties to a very less amount without risking any of the superheroes. That didn’t work out as well as they thought, as Ultron came out and took one look at the humans and decided they had to die. But he was amazed by their biological body and wanted to create one for himself. And so he created Vision.


But Tony and the other Avengers stole him and infused it with JARVIS. Thor interrupted that process, so Vision was birthed as a completely separate entity as Ultron, Jarvis, or Tony and Banner. So, now that we see him in confusion, it would make sense if he goes back to his creators, or at least to the one who is still alive. That is, Tony Stark. Now he could not have gone to him anytime sooner because Banner will not be himself until the end of She-Hulk. That will be where that version of the character will appear in Shang-Chi in his human form.



Well, the answer is simple. White Vision is all that’s left of the Vision, which grew to immense popularity among MCU fans. Fans thought he will return to MoM where Wanda will try to find a version of that character as well, but she didn’t. So, he could be anywhere on this vast planet and fans can’t wait to see him again. Seeing White Vision reunite with Banner, and him mentoring him might be the closest thing to a father-son thing. Since Odin died, MCU has been void of this thing, so this could make for one great MCU moment.


Do you also think that White Vision could return due to the Death of Smart Hulk? Let us know your answers down in the comments.

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