10 Biggest Plot Holes in Popular Movies You Never Knew

Biggest Plot Holes in Popular Movies:

Nothing in this world is flawless! Even the most genius and creative minds will commit at least one mistake in their stories and movies. But sometimes their works so engrossing and enjoyable that we pay heed to the flaws. In fact, the wisest ones will ask you to leave logic behind if you want to enjoy a good story. In spite of this, we put some A-list directors and writers under such light that it’s impossible to believe that their stories had plot holes. But brace yourselves to discover major flaws in some of your favorite movies. No matter what, nothing can deter our admiration and craze for these films. Find out the 10 biggest plot holes in popular movies you never knew.

 1. X-Men

Magneto roamed around in a helmet that was a fashion disaster only because it protected his mind from being penetrated by the Cerebro and Xavier’s manipulation. But why didn’t he make his army wear the helmet too? Magneto seriously got lucky because even Xavier didn’t bother to track him by using the Cerebro on his loyal army. Was it a coincidence or was it too convenient for the director?

 2. Iron Man 2

Tony Stark’s decision to drive his own sports car in the Formula One race in Monaco was meant to be a surprise for everyone. But that moment was strongly contradicted immediately when Whiplash appeared on the tracks waiting for Tony. So, all we could gather about Whiplash aka Ivan Vanko was that he was a mechanical engineer who could hack into high-security systems like a cybercriminal and also predict the future. How did Ivan know that Tony would participate in the race?

 3. The Fifth Element

Biggest Plot Holes in Popular Movies
Biggest Plot Holes in Popular Movies

Leeloo was a powerful entity sent to earth as its fifth element. She undergoes a crash course about human culture on an encyclopedia as she reaches earth. But Leeloo suddenly gets emotional in shock as she stumbles on ‘W’ which leads her to ‘War’ clips and pictures from the history. Why was it treated as a great revelation when there were so many letters and words before ‘War’? Didn’t the terms ‘battle’ and ‘holocaust’ teach her anything?

 4. Fargo

Fargo is one of the best classic thrillers in the history of Hollywood. It was not just a regular crime movie but a compelling story based on real events that navigated through every character’s fate. Fargo was a masterpiece and a plot hole wouldn’t matter at all. Remember when Gaer Grimsurd came up with a genius idea to grind Carl Showalter’d dead body in a wood chipper? Gaer is depicted as a psychopath who felt indifferent towards grinding a body to cover up the murder because that seemed a logical option. It was a smart move indeed since no one could spot the bloodstains even from miles away.

 5. Django Unchained

Biggest Plot Holes in Popular Movies
Biggest Plot Holes in Popular Movies

Django Unchained was fun and juicy Western drama that wasn’t meant to be confined by logic. Yet there was a tiny error that some viewers could stop from bringing up. One of the grandest moments in the movie was when Django blew up the plantation, Candyland, and the mansion with dynamite. But dynamite wasn’t discovered in the time where the movies inset.

 6. The Dark Knight Rises

Bruce Wayne was supposed to be a famous personality in the DC universe. He is a billionaire who runs the massive Wayne Industries. We don’t understand how a billionaire celeb like Bruce faked his death only to roam around in other places with his face. Was his fame limited to only Gotham?

 7. The Empire Strikes Back

Did you know that one of Darth Vader’s powers included telekinesis? Of course, you did since it has been proved on several occasions. But surprisingly Darth Vader didn’t bother to use its mind to prevent Luke Skywalker from falling endlessly.

 8. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

E.T. is an adorable alien who is left behind on Earth by his spaceship and then rescued by a young boy who decides to keep him hidden. The movie later revealed that E.T. could fly itself and a boy on a bike with its powers. So, your spaceship leaves you stranded on an unknown planet for God knows how long and you don’t even try to fly as a desperate attempt?

 9. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In the Last Crusade, Indiana Jones had to walk on letters that spelled God’s name. The tile collapses underneath Indiana when he steps on J instead of I for “Jehova”. Basically, stepping on the wrong letter block would make the ground crumble. However, as Indiana fell with “J”, he clutched on the letter blocks that were also wrong. Why didn’t those letters tremble?

 10. The Dark Knight Rises (again)

Updating your status on social media is a bigger priority nowadays. Bruce’s priority also got compromised by showmanship. Even though he was already running out of time to thwart Bane’s plans to destroy Gotham, Bruce had prior commitments to himself. In order to remind us that it’s a Batman movie, the hero wastes his time in creating bat signals instead of making it on time.

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