Original Endgame Script Was Very Action Packed, But It Skipped 2 Important Parts

While Avengers: Endgame was extremely special there are many ways in which it could’ve been different. We’ve known some of the alternate directions it could’ve gone in while some new ones have been revealed during the Quarantine Watch Party held for Endgame. Apparently, we have figured out that Endgame was actually going to be much more action packed than what it turned out to be. But that time for adding extra action sequences would’ve taken the emotion away from the film.

Original Endgame Script Skipped 2 Important Parts

The writers have recently revealed that the original draft of Endgame did not take us back to Avengers 1. This was such an important film and we almost did not get to see it. Instead, there was this alternate time heist plan where Tony & Thor would’ve gone to Asgard to get the Aether & and possibly even the Tesseract.

It would’ve been a cool battle sequence between Heimdall & Iron Man as we would’ve finally got the debut of the invisible Iron Man suit from the comics. The cloaking technology of the Helicarriers & Quinjets would’ve been added to Tony’s suit. But there was just no time to include that kind of a suit ever. As the writers state here, it would’ve been cool to see this fun sequence, but not at the expense of Avengers 1.

Original Endgame Script Skipped 2 Important Parts

Also, Tony & Steve’s trip back to the 70s was obviously a late addition as well since there was no Avengers 1 sequence to get the time stone, the mind stone & the Space Stone. That scene turned out to be so important for Tony & Steve’s individual stories, so we’re glad that it did happen. There was an alternate sequence for the Time Stone as well since Rocket Raccoon and Wanda would’ve taken a trip to the Sanctum Sanctorum instead of the Hulk. Yes, Wanda would’ve been alive but the creatives chose not to keep her alive since her story would’ve just felt dragged.

It was already kinda tough for the writers to keep one OP character like Captain Marvel out of the picture. Doing the same for Wanda would’ve been even tougher if she didn’t die from the snap. As for other time heist sequences, the ones on Morag & Vormir were initially going to be full of action. Morag would’ve been underwater.

Original Endgame Script Skipped 2 Important Parts

A fan asked why exactly did Clint & Natasha go to Morag first and then to Vormir. They could’ve ended up in Vormir straightaway. Here’s what the writer answered:

This is the alternate death sequence of Black Widow that the writers are talking about. The original set up was for Thanos to arrive at Vormir and attack Clint & Natasha. But since it didn’t happen at all, Nebula’s warning to Clint & Nat felt rather pointless. She could’ve just tried to escape instead of warning Clint & Natasha. In that way, she wouldn’t have been caught and Thanos could not have got his hands on Pym Particles. But then the final Endgame battle wouldn’t have happened, and no one wants that.

Marvel Plans to Bring Back Red Skull in The MCU

Another story element that has been bugging probably all of us is that Red Skull’s return felt sort of wasted since he never actually got to meet Steve Rogers again. The original intent to bring Red Skull back was to make him come face to face with Steve.

As the writers state. It couldn’t have happened on screen storywise. But they did managed to arrange a Steve&Skull reunion behind the scenes when Steve goes to return all the Infinity Stones. If only Marvel would ever make a short film to show us how Steve ended up returning all the Infinity Stones because returning some of them does seem quite difficult than the others.

Anyway, we’re glad that Avengers: Endgame ended up being so satisfying all things considered.

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