X-Men Apocalypse Comic-book Easter Eggs: Did you spot them?

A lot is being said about X-Men third part being the worst, while X-Men Apocalypse takes the worst to another level from what we hear.

While we expect Essex Corps or Nathaniel Essex to be the next villain of the X-Men series, we can bid adieu to Wolverine, this being his last stint. Hugh Jackman would no longer be the character of Wolverine anymore, as a result, they are introducing X-23, female clone of Wolverine. Brian Singer has pitched this plot to Fox studios and apparently FOX as agreed to this. They’ve taken Wolverine blood sample to clone him. The setup of the movie would be in the 90’s. X-23 taking over Wolverines mantle happened in the comic books, but now they are trying to incorporate this into the movie as well.

If you’ve seen X-Men: Apocalypse you would know there has been a timeline change when Jean frees Wolverine from the Weapon X. How Striker got Wolverine in Weapon X and we say Mystic save Wolverine in Days of Future Past. So yes, there were continuity issues. We are guessing this was done on purpose to get that awesome Wolverine moment. We see Wolverine wearing the helmet, the way he comes out and the look he gives is truly an Easter egg moment. Apparently, this voguish look is based on the one Wolverine sported during the ‘Weapon X’ origin story printed in 1991 by Marvel Comics Presents.

As we go towards the end of the movie we see all characters attire in their original color, very much like the comic book. We even saw Cyclops with a visor and a danger room which makes it a nice Easter egg moment for the comics.

We know Mr. Sinister became who he is, because of Apocalypse. In movies, Apocalypse was shown buried all this time and not being around. But the other cool thing is the birth of Cable (Cyclops son). Though we know Mr. Sinister is obsessed with Summer’s blood line and we see him tampering with the genetics. We can expect a few Easter egg moments in the next movie as Cable would be seen in the Dead Pool sequel.

There were few visible moments with Stan Lee doing a cameo. The Big Doctor Strange Love sequence, it seemed Bunker looked like Doctor Strange Love. With Stan Lee looking up like the world’s end with his wife, yes that is Stan Lee’s real wife.

A bald Professor X is seen at the end of the movie and we get to see a tease of the dark Phoenix force which doesn’t seem that dark as yet. Phoenix force doesn’t become dark until the end when it fully takes over Jean Grey. We can expect a single or a saga on Phoenix and a dark phoenix movie. Also, one doesn’t go from the Jean Grey who’s a young student learning about her powers in school to dark Phoenix, until much later.

Moira McTaggart comes back, no longer married but does have a son. In the animated series, she had a son name Proteus originally named Kevin McTaggart, who was one of the villains. We get to see Blob in the back, we know we haven’t seen him since the Wolverine.

Beast built the X-jet and an underground basketball court hanger that they mention during X-Men 2.

We have Mohawk Storm from the 80’s with this amazing look for her and the Night Crawler is seen wearing Michael Jackson jacket from his movie Thriller throughout the movie.

Magneto daughter who winds up dying in the movie, we are guessing is a version of Scarlett witch its confusing with the kind of arrangement Marvel has made. Instead, they are pushing for forward with Quicksilver father-son relation.

Finally, when apocalypse goes to recruit the Angel as his arc angel of death, we hear Metallica’s four horsemen is playing in the background.


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