Spider-Man 3 Title & Plot Details Revealed

Spider-Man 3 Title & Plot Details:

While the MCU may be in grave danger right now, Sony is pretty positive about releasing Spider-Man 3. So far, we don’t have a clue as to what the 3rd Spider-Man movie will be called. But according to a latest rumor coming from 4Chan, we might know the most awaited title since Avengers: Endgame. “Home” has been the main theme of the Spider-Man franchise since it signifies Spider-Man’s situations as he came back home to Marvel. Homecoming and Far From Home were suitable titles and now according to the current situation that Spidey is in, the new rumor suggests that the upcoming threequel will be called Spider-Man: Home Run.

Spider-Man 3 Title & Plot Details

Mysterio told the world Spider-Man is a murderer, and he revealed his identity out in public. Now, the world will be after Spider-Man, and he will be on the run. And to get him into custody, the government will hire ex-convicts & mercenary trackers because the villains that have been revealed by 4Chan are none other than Scorpion and Kraven.

Spider-Man 3 Title & Plot Details

Michael Mando recently tweeted a photo of him captioned with a Scorpion emoji. This was obviously a tease for his return as Mac Gargan aka Scorpion. He was set up in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and a recent plot leak has revealed that he’d also appear in the upcoming Morbius movie. It is understandable that Scorpion will be the next villain because we have never seen the live-action version of the character and Marvel is all about embracing the new.

Along with Scorpion, the second villain coming in play is Kraven. Kraven the Hunter has been teased for “Home Run” since Spider-Man: Far From Home. So his arrival makes sense because even director Jon Watts wants him. After Home Run, he could go on to appear in his own solo film set in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

Spider-Man 3 Title & Plot Details

For the question of who will play Kraven, the 4Chan rumor states that Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill are in consideration for the role. Just like Keanu Reeves, Cavill’s name is being tossed around everything in the MCU. But for Kraven, we will prefer Jason Momoa because he makes more sense. He’s wild & Kraven needs an actor that could portray this wild persona. Furthermore, the solo Kraven movie would have an instant fandom attached with Momoa helming the role. Casting Henry Cavill as Kraven would be as big of a miscast as casting him for Wolverine. Zack Snyder brought Momoa in for Aquaman and we were all amazed. But it is time for Momoa to take on another major bad-ass role.

We’ve already heard that along with these two villains, the film will later reveal Norman Osborn. Roger Wardell has recently revealed that David Morrissey or Robert Odenkirk are being eyed for Norman Osborn. This could mean that the Avengers tower is now Oscorp. And even though Norman Osborn won’t be Green Goblin just yet, He will still lead the Sinister Six against Spider-Man. The Sinister Six members would be – Vulture, Mysterio, Scorpion, Kraven, Shocker & Chameleon. Although, instead of Shocker & Chameleon, Marvel could use Morbius & Venom as well. Sony & Marvel are doing great things together by sharing Spider-Man. So who knows, they might even share Morbius & Venom. But take it all as a grain of salt since most of this hasn’t been confirmed by anyone.

It’s funny that Tom Holland has not revealed any spoilers for so long. People have actually forgotten that he & Mark Ruffalo were kings of revealing spoilers. Holland called Spider-Man 3’s plot totally insane. If any of the aforementioned intel comes true, then the plot will be nothing short of insane. PS, Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman is rumored to appear in Spider-Man: Home Run. Since Sony is has hired The Amazing Spider-Man 2 writer to pen down another Spider-Man related film, we’re anticipating that it could in fact be Spider-Woman, who will be introduced through Home Run.

Spider-Man: Home Run will arrive on July 16, 2021.

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