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The Red Guardian Contradicts Zemo’s Goals in Falcon and Winter Soldier

Black Widow stretched Marvel’s reach and made it worldwide. This happened by introducing David Harbour’s Red Guardian. He has been Russia’s primary super-soldier since at least the 1980s and has a broad history. Moreover, his identity was not particularly hidden. He had fans who wrote to him and even action had figures made in his image. But his existence contradicts someone’s beliefs. And that is Zemo. We’ve seen Baron Helmut Zemo in Civil War and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In the former, he’s against the Avengers as he believes they’re the reason for his family’s death. And in the former, he’s against super-soldiers altogether. So why not Red Guardian? That’s why Red Guardian contracts Zemo’s goals in the Disney+ series.

Red Guardian Contradicts Zemo’s Goals In TFATWS

Baren Zemo first successfully bridged the gap between Captain America and Iron Man. He did so by framing Bucky Barnes for the death of King T’Chakka and the whole Sokovian Accord was in play. Later, in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier the argument was altered as now he was against super-soldiers entirely. This included everyone – Bucky, John Walker, and the Flag Smashers.

Zemo’s answer to everything is death. So when a convoy carrying the Flag Smashers was en route to The Raft, he stepped in and blew it up. So considering all this hate towards super-soldiers, how come he never cared about the Red Guardian? Considering that he’s a Russian super-soldier whose fame is not hidden, Zemo should have gone after him the second he got a whiff of him. But that isn’t the case.

Remember, Zemo does not hold a grudge against the Avengers specifically. Now, as seen in the Disney+ series, in Zemo’s words, “super soldiers can’t be allowed to exist.” So he should be going after Red Guardian. One might think that he shouldn’t. It could be because Alexei was disregarded by his motherland and was locked up in a prison for way too long. So, Zemo might be aware of him, but did not consider him a threat in a major capacity. Or Zemo knew that Alexei’s powers can not do harm to him and that his existence is useless.

But this is just unlike Zemo. As seen in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, he killed Doctor Nagel for making the serum that created the super-soldiers. So, it’s clear that his grudge has trickled down to the lowest level. Then why would he spare a super-soldier who has had somewhat of a legacy? It could be that he got a free pass just like Bucky did. But if Marvel doesn’t clarify this, then it might just be another addition to the continuity issues.

Source: Screen Rant

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