Top 10 Strange Facts About Stranger Things

One of Netflix’s most prized possessions, Stranger Things is a unique blend of amazing music, cinematography, and stellar acting from a young cast. This show uses Nostalgia beautifully to attract the fans as it recalls all the legendary stories which we all experienced in our childhood.

In each episode, there are several references to greats in the pop-culture industry like ET, Alien, It, Goonies, Lord of the Rings and they use it so masterfully, so that it doesn’t get tacky and look like they are trying to hard to please us. It flows naturally and is definitely the best way to use Nostalgia.

As Season 3 is approaching fast here are some Strange facts about Stranger Things which we bet most of you would find very interesting:

#1: Puberty Strikes

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin Henderson in the series created a lot of problems for the production team as his voice had changed so much by the time the production of the show was ending, that it became very difficult for the sound team to use Gaten for additional dialogue recording.

#2: Mad Max: Stranger Things

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown, the actor who plays ‘Eleven’ in the show had to shave her head for this role as in the show they conduct several experiments on Eleven to test out the extent of her psychic powers. Millie’s shaven head was modelled after the Hollywood A-lister, Charlize Theron in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

#3: “Language!”- Captain America

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

In the entire show, the character of Will, played by Noah Schnapp, is the only child in the series to never say a single swear word. All the other children in the series swear constantly, and considering what Will has gone through the entire series, he should have cussed the whole time he was on screen.

#4: Homage to Industry giants

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

As we all know this show is highly inspired by the directors and actors who were very successful in the 80’s. To show this love, the show-runners named several characters after these people. Hopper was named after Dennis Hopper, Dustin was named after Dustin Hoffman and Lucas & Steve were named after George Lucas and Steven Spielberg respectively.

#5: Stranger Zombie things

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

Tinsley Price and Anniston Price are twins who play the role of Holly Wheeler in the show. They are the same twins who portrayed the role of Judith in the 4th season of the famous AMC show The Walking Dead.

#6: Cheap Thrills

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

The trailer in which the character of David Harbour, Chief Hopper, lives, reportedly only cost the art department $1. Can some one provide us the contact information of the place that sold this trailer? Asking for a friend.

#7: Gory Original Script

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

In the initial draft of the script, Steve Harrington was to be the “biggest douchebag on the planet”, going to the extent of forcing himself on Natalia Dyer’s character Nancy Wheeler. They changed their minds when the actor Joe Keery turned out to be very likable and charming.

#8: Strangers in Stranger Things

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

The character Eleven and Will have shared only 2 scenes together and in both of those scenes, Will was unconscious. That means these two pivotal characters of the show are basically strangers to each other as they have never interacted with each other.

#9: Mute Acting

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

Eleven has close to only 42 lines in the first season basically making her a mute character. But, we are not complaining as because of this Millie Bobby Brown was able to show her acting chops and the fans, in turn, got another great actor to look up to.

#10: ‘Sick’ Audition

Strange Facts About Stranger Things

Finn Wolfhard who plays the role of Mike in the series when recorded his audition tape was sick and had to tape the whole thing from his bed, showing the utmost level of dedication and we are thankful to him.

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