Here’s When ‘Jax’ Will Return On Legends of Tomorrow

CW’s Legends of Tomorrow came back with a bang after its mid-season break and it was probably the best re-opening out of all the other CW shows as we got to see Constantine along with the rest of the Legends. Then the second episode after the show’s return was also pretty interesting as it was based on Groundhog Day specifically and also Edge of Tomorrow if you think about it. This show is probably the best this year out of all the CW shows.

There are all sorts of things happening on the show as firstly, the show brought Damian Dark back from the dead, then the Mid-Season Finale showed Jefferson “Jax” Jackson leaving the rest of the Legends after the death of his partner Dr. Martin Stein played by Victor Garber, as he lost the abilities of Firestorm since Stein died and did not have much to offer to the team. Then in the next episode, we saw Constantine come in and fight along with the team against the big bad of this season, Mallus.

The episode that aired last week showed Rip Hunter trying to recruit Wally West for the Legends as the team was in desperate need of someone who could fill into Firestorm’s shoes. As mentioned above, Jax gave up being a Legend because he had nothing much to offer the team except for his expertise as the mechanic of Waverider. This role was taken up by Zari in the last episode, so the need of Jax did not feel as much as it did when he was Firestorm. And in the same episode, Leo went back to Earth-X and Captain Cold left the Legends yet again.

New reports also confirmed that the show will have yet another speedster other than Kid Flash aka Wally West guest starring on the show. The Earth 2 Speedster, Jesse Quick is all set to guest star on Legends of Tomorrow. According to the new reports, after starring on The Flash in the episode – “Entering Flashtime”, she will star on Legend of Tomorrow and will unite with her ex-love interest Wally West who is now a series regular (at least for this season). She will be appearing on the episode – “Necromancing the Stone”, which will be the 15th episode of the series. It will be really fun to see how the series is going to handle the probable awkwardness between Wally and Jesse. When the 3rd season will end, the show will have had plenty of visitors.

This is going bigger and bigger as it keeps on adding new characters and brings old characters back in almost every episode. We also have confirmation that John Constantine will be back in “Necromancing the Stone” and is rumored to appear in the finale as well. Also, Jonah Hex is going to appear in the season finale. But, one big question is still in the loop that when exactly will Jax return on the show. He was a series regular in the last two seasons and left the Legends after the mid-season finale, so there must be some plot written for him as he cannot just be written off.

Well, according to new reports, we have got the confirmation that Jax is going to be back on the show in the Season Finale itself. It remains to be confirmed that will Jax be able to regain the Firestorm Matrix somehow or will he remain powerless for the last episode as well. Set photos of the final episode indicate that the crew will, in fact, visit the Old West in the Finale and that is how Jonah Hex will be added into the mix.

Well, it is good that the show is filling up with characters as the Legends are going to need every bit of Help they can get against the very evil Demon Mallus and Damian Dark as well. Well, it will be really amazing if Jax somehow gets his powers back and could return for Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 as a series regular. This team is just incomplete without Firestorm and the addition of Kid Flash may be a bonus, but Firestorm is needed on the show.      

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