10 Superhero Movie Endings That Were Changed At The Last Moment

Almost every Superhero movie plays with the way it ends as different kinds of endings are pitched by the writers and the directors and the best alternative is chosen out of them. Well, here are some superhero movie endings that were changed at the last minute.

Iron Man 2

In the movie, Iron-Man teamed up with War Machine against Whiplash and his armored drones. However, originally the ending was a bit more personal, as Vanko would have kidnapped Pepper Potts, and held her hostage until Iron Man agreed to give himself up coming out of his suit. Well, he still had some tricks up his sleeve (because he is Iron Man! and War Machine was there to help out). Director Jon Favreau decided to go with the more spectacular ending that we actually got to see.

Avengers 2

After the smashing success of ‘The Avengers’, the sequel was a tad disappointing. It did reasonably well at the box office but failed to recreate the magic of the first movie. The plot revolved around an evil AI named Ultron created by Tony Stark who believed the only way to save the world is to end mankind. He brought Scarlett Witch and Quick Silver as allies but later they turned on him and joined the Avengers.

Joss Whedon had an alternate ending which we might have liked as a majority of us loved Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron. At the end of the movie, instead of being dead, Quicksilver would have healed due to his quick healing factor and we would have seen him assemble with other Avengers wearing a brand new Super-suit. Well, this would have been awesome to see but it would have surely enhanced the no killing problem that Marvel faces, as except Quicksilver no one really important had died in the MCU back then.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The sequel to Amazing Spiderman starred Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker aka Spiderman and this time the makers of the movie promised that it would be like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2 which is still considered to be one of the best Spiderman movies of all time. But the movie turned out to be underwhelming and failed to live up to the expectations. As a result, the Amazing Spiderman franchise came to a close.

In the movie, Peter found the gold coins in his father’s briefcase which lead him to the subway where he got to know about his parents as they were on the run and in the beginning of the movie we saw them die in a plane crash. In a very surprising plot twist towards the end of the movie, when Peter was at the grave of Gwen Stacy, his dad just appears outta nowhere (Like Randy Orton) and tells him that he had been alive and well, was in hiding, and to end the movie, he gives Peter the old “With great power comes great responsibility” to get him back to being Spider-man again. It is good that this was left out, otherwise, people would have lost their brains.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 was directed by James Gunn and it broke all rules regarding box office success. The movie comprised of comic book characters such as Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, Drax etc. who were totally unknown to vast majority of audience, and making them a household name with massive fan following was genius marketing.

We saw that young Peter Quill was kidnapped at the very beginning of the film and he ends up becoming the Star-Lord as he was taken up by the Ravagers before teaming up with a group of outcasts that became the Guardians of the Galaxy. The film ended on a happy note as we saw that Peter finally opened his mother’s gift. But originally, the film would have ended with Peter’s grandfather still waiting to someday see his grandson again come back to Earth. This means that he would have seen Quill being taken by the spaceship.

The Wolverine

The movie came out in 2013, the story involves Wolverine being summoned by an old acquaintance in Japan and there he found himself embroiled in a situation where he had to confront his demons all over again.


At the end of the second solo outing of our favorite clawed mutant, we see him taking off in a plane. That scene had an addition to it as he gets a gift Yukio, which is a briefcase. Logan opens it and finds out the yellow costume which we are more used to seeing in the comics and animated TV series. James Mangold thought that fans would have loved to see the costume finally show up on the screen, but he decided not to go with it.


In 2015, Marvel took a gamble and launched one of the most underrated superheroes i.e Ant-man where an average joe named Scott Lang assumed superpowers after he wore the suit designed by his girlfriend’s father Dr. Hank Pym. The movie was set in the post Civil War world where Scott Lang aka Ant-Man fought along side Team Cap. It surprised many as no one expected to be that good, which paved the way for a sequel.

At the end of the film, one of the people bidding on the Yellowjacket technology was a Hydra agent, who ran off with some Pym Particles. While it never was addressed in the rest of the film, it is not necessarily a plot hole, though it was still pretty strange to have that plot just go unresolved. As it turned out, they actually did film an ending where Ant-Man defeated the spy and got the Pym Particles back. However, it was then replaced by the teaser scene setting up Captain America: Civil War.

Batman Forever

The first two Batman movies made by Tim Burton ended similarly and Joel Schumacher thought that Batman Forever should end in the same way in order to pay homage to what Burton did. The alternate ending would have shown Batman and Robin standing at the top of a Bat Gargoyle with the Bat signal shining in the sky, but instead we got to see the two running in front of a camera for reasons unknown.


Hancock actually ended on a very happy note, but originally its ending would have been even darker than The Dark Knight! In the original script of the movie, Hancock almost assaults Mary sexually before managed to get a hold of himself. Seeing himself in this way, he breaks out in rage and kills a Kill Squad of the cops that came to rescue Mary. After all this mayhem was over, he would have picked an officer’s gun and shot him in the head and the movie would have ended on a note where we are left to decide whether Hancock is dead or alive. Thankfully, all this was rewritten.

Iron Man 3

In the short film “All hail the king” we saw Trevor Slattery being broken out of prison. But, before that, there were other plans intended for him as he was a part of a deleted ending scene in Iron Man 3 where he injected himself with the Extremis virus and ended up exploding as his body could not take it. It would have been funny to see that but Marvel intended to take a different direction.


Logan was the third and final movie in the trilogy where Australian actor Hugh Jackman donned the mantle of Wolverine for one last time. He has dedicated his life serving the iconic character in both X-Men and solo movies over more than a decade. We can’t even imagine any other actor who could have pulled it off like he did. The plot of the movie is based on “Old Man Logan” storyline set in a dystopian future where bad guys finally prevailed over clawed superhero.

We all know that Logan ended on a very special note, leaving all the fans in awe as it was a perfect tribute. Well, Hugh Jackman pitched a different ending to James Mangold where Logan would have survived and rode into the sunset carrying the burden of all the Darkness and things he had done in the past. But fortunately, Mangold insisted on the ending we actually got.

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