Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained (By Directors as Well)

We need the Moon Knight Episode 4 ending explained. So much has happened and has been happening in the show. There was a lot going on. Things escalated quickly after Khonshu was imprisoned at the end of the last episode. Steven and Marc continue to have their little scuffle about taking control of the body. Steven starts this episode by putting his foot down and saying that Marc is done with Khonshu so he should also be done with the body as per their deal. Layla hears this and immediately decides to retaliate. But Steven even more uncharacteristically chose to calm everyone down and take control of a very emotionally charged situation.

Something that he continues to do throughout the episode. This episode was really about Steven’s growth and how he became a better adventurer. But before we get into the ending of the episode and what the director said about it, let me issue a formal *SPOILER WARNING*. It is really nice to see this shy character taking control of the adventure and leading everyone to relative safety while also securing the ushabti of Ammit. The only thing that surprised us was the apparent death of the character. He was clearly shot down by Harrow, twice I might add. Then Marc? wakes up in what seems like heaven? But only, it’s not. It is a mental hospital and Marc is being taken care of by Layla as his nurse and Harrow as his Doctor.


Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

Now, I am not gonna lie. This is some old-age Batman creepypasta shit. We don’t dislike it. But goddamnit! Tell me the truth right now! Was that ending in the mental hospital with The Hippo Lady and Steven in a sarcophagus real, or was it something else? We need to know! Here is what the director of the show had to say about this in an interview with  Entertainment Weekly:-

“The end of Episode 4 is actually a gift of the script. It came from wanting to do the least expected thing and completely disorient the audience, while also being completely true to the character that we’ve built over four episodes. Also the comic book character: There’s a run of Moon Knight written by Jeff Lemire, and [Greg] Smallwood did the art, and it has a lot of similar feelings and visuals to what happens at the end of Episode 4. So we’re really glad to be able to honor the original comics, the ones that we were the most drawn to when we were trying to crack Moon Knight. That’s where the inspiration came from, especially visually and tonally.”


Moon Knight episode 4 ending explained

“A lot of what we do is chasing what Oscar is doing. We feel like the show is at its absolute best whenever we’re marrying what we’re doing to honoring what Oscar’s doing. I think that’s pretty clear to anyone that watches Moon Knight. We’ve talked about this scene feeling like it’s underwater, not just because he’s been sedated, but because the entire audience has just been subjected to an entire worldview shift of what this show is. Why is there a weird Indiana Jones knockoff movie right in the middle of Moon Knight?”


Our Explanation

So it seems that the ending is meant to be cryptic. The directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson wanted to trick the audience. To make us feel like we are underwater. We think it was a good idea. We will only know whether it is a dream or Steven/Marc is actually dead. If you ask us, we think it is a bit of both. It might be a near-death vision where The Hippo Lady will help Marc and Steven free Khonshu. Or they might do it themselves, But this seems to be the moment that it happens. Unless the directors decide that we have not seen the end of Marc’s spiral yet.


Lest we forget the episode also delved into the origins of Marc’s powers in the MCU. We found out that Marc’s partner got greedy and executed everyone on the dig site including Layla’s father. Something that is first hinted at by Harrow in the episode and then confirmed by Marc. Did we satiate the need of having the Moon Knight episode 4 ending explained?

The Moon Knight episode 4 ending explained, did you like the way the episode ended? tell us in the comment and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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