5 Key Questions That Avengers 3 Trailer Gave Rise To In Fan’s Mind

The question we have now is not whether you have watched the first trailer of Avengers Infinity War; instead, it is how many times you have watched it already. After several months of serious anticipation and waiting, Marvel rewarded comic book fans with a thrilling and excellent trailer that brought most of all Marvel Heroes together. The first trailer of Infinity War offered us a quick glance of the superhero spectacle of next year and we are all excited about it.

The trailer did a pretty good job of setting things up with a dark and gritty tune, which indicates that things might not end up well for our heroes. The trailer showed the team-up of Science Bros, Spiderman getting a beat down, a war in Wakanda, Cap’s return, and most importantly it introduced the mad titan, Thanos with a couple of infinity stones. The trailer was actually a mood-setter and hype-builder and it did spoil nothing. Consequently, the trailer did leave a number of huge questions that need immediate answers.

Where are Hawkeye And Ant-Man?

It is true that the first trailer of Avengers Infinity War did an exceptional job of balancing Marvel heroes. However, Marvel failed to cramp everyone in the trailer that was just under two and a half minutes. As a result, some of our favorite Marvel characters such as Ant-Man, Wasp, and the archer Hawkeye were unfortunately left out from the trailer. Nevertheless, several fans have speculated that Marvel left out Hawkeye to hide his new identity from viewers, which might be true, as Jeremy Renner was spotted in a whole new look from the leaked images from the sets of the Avengers Infinity War.

How Does Loki Come Into The Picture?

The God of Mischief, Loki only has a brief moment in the trailer. Even though his presence is limited to a few seconds, the scene appears to be a one of huge significance. In the trailer, Loki presents one of the infinity stones to Thanos. Loki has worked with the Mad Titan before too, which means that he might be changing the sides once again to save himself from Thanos. However, he seems a little bit upset, as he is holding out the Tesseract. So, it is possible that Loki might be forced to do it, which sounds a lot more interesting than Loki going bad again.

Is Bucky Ok?

The last words from the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes were, “I can’t trust my own mind. So until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head, I think going back under is the best thing… for everybody.” In the end of Captain America Civil War, Bucky decides to returns to a deep sleep until someone figures out how to reverse what HYDRA did to him years ago. In the trailer, Bucky is fighting alongside T’Challa and Steve Rogers. So, does this means that Bucky has finally learned to move forward or did Cap wake him up to add more strength to Wakanda’s defense against Thanos?

Will Avengers Infinity War Unite All The Heroes

Avengers Infinity War

There is no denying the fact that Avengers Infinity War is one of the largest coming together of superheroes ever but we still don’t know whether all the heroes will share the screen together or not. The trailer does interestingly set different factions among the Marvel heroes. There’s Vision and Scarlett Witch in Edinburgh, the New York team of Bruce Banner, Spider-Man, Wong, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man; Black Panther, Black Widow, Falcon, Okoye, and Steve in Wakanda and lastly, there’s Guardians and Thor in the space. So, the million dollar question is will we get an epic team-up scene will all these superheroes in the film.

Does Vision Die?


The most mystifying shot in the Infinity War trailer is certainly the romantic moment between Vision and the Scarlett Witch. The interesting thing about the sequence is that Vision can be actually seen in his human form with the Mind Stone in his head. This is a confusing scene, as we are not able to figure out whether it is real or not. It is also possible that Scarlett Witch may have warped reality to transform Vision into the human form. However, the pressing question is whether Vision can survive Avengers Infinity War or not. He seems to be in a great deal of pain in the trailer, as Thanos is trying to snatch the infinity stone from his head.

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