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The Most Epic Win Of Thor Came In A Drinking Contest Against The Devil

Thor is one of the most hedonistic characters in the Marvel-verse. His love for liquor and debauchery is legendary. Almost as legendary as the Devil himself. He is also a seasoned warrior who has seen many battles. He has saved the universe countless times and battled foes not of this world, the universe, or even this reality. The core ideology of Thor is to be as mighty and have as much fun as possible. Hence it seems fitting that the most epic win of Thor came in a drinking contest against the devil.

Being Thor is in no way an easy task, the job description of the God of Thunder is not an exhaustive list. It keeps growing as the centuries keep passing one after the other. One of the responsibilities of the God of Thunder includes chucking down one drink after another without a considerable pause. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you pick up any source of Norse mythology and check for yourself? The God of Thunder was known to cause huge waves when knocking one back.


Most Epic Win of Thor

I guess we should not be so surprised considering that Vikings were a culture of pillaging and partying. Regardless of how things might have been, the Marvel Thor can certainly drink anyone under the table. If the popular culture and new comics are to be believed, he has certainly done so to some very powerful beings. Apparently, the Devil himself is one of these beings who lost to Thor Odinson. Not only that, this was a Devil that actively challenged a much younger Thor and lost quite spectacularly.


Most Epic Win Of Thor

The story we are going to be discussing today comes from Thor Annual #1 of 2014. In this story, we see a much younger Thor, from before when he was worthy to lift the Mjolnir. There is sitting inside “Ye Olde Tavern” with the Warriors three and his other comrades drinking to his heart’s delight. This younger Thor is much brasher than what Marvel fans are used to form the character. He is already drunk out of his mind when Mephisto arrives on the scene.


You see, Mephisto plans to use this opportunity to defeat the Odinson and gain control of Asgard before Thor has had a chance to properly power up. The Devil’s plan is solid but he did not count on Thor’s drinking capacity before taking the gamble of time travel. The warriors three suggest that the dispute must be settled with a drinking contest to which Mephisto agrees, foolishly so.


Most Epic Win of Thor

One after the other the Tavern serves their most ridiculous drinks to the pair. They get the Gamma Slamma, then the Cosmic Ray, and then the Ultimate Drunkifire. All three of which Thor chugs down without a hitch. But Mephisto is having serious problems holding his liquor. We think the Devil is regret to g making the bet at all at this point. The last drink is brought forward and this is where things get really interesting.


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The final drink of the contest is Odin’s beard, which is literally just Ale-soaked hair. Thor once again chugs down whatever is in the glass, while Mephisto has a hard time even raising or to his lips. The Devil thereby loses and Odinson secures his most epic win. It is quite extraordinary, the kind of stories that writers come up with.

Thor The Drunkard

Fans would be interested in knowing that the writer for this particular issue of Thor is WWE’s own CM Punk. He created a very different vibe for the character. Well, different than what we are used to seeing in the marvel comics. The drunkard version of Thor is much more prevalent in the mythological writings more than anything else.


There was one other incident in the Marvel Comics where Thor challenged a couple of Frost Giants to a battle of guts. He drank them under the table too. It is like the God of thunder to pull such feats and look good while doing it. We can’t believe that Mephisto got roped into all of it. What do you think of this comic story? Doesn’t it make you appreciate the new sound of slice-of-life moments we get only in comics? Let us k ow your opinion in the comments below.


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