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How Carnage Failed To Make His Next Big Attack On Venom

While we are about to witness Carnage battling it out with Venom in Sony’s it seems that the comics aren’t holding back with this battle either. We are aware that the Symbiotes can be really daunting characters in the way that they behave considering they hardly care for their fellow humans. Venom could have been the same way if not for his likeness for the humans and how it made him feel confident about himself. The fight between Carnage and Venom has to be one of the most interesting events in comic books. It’s absolutely lucky that we are also going to get an opportunity to watch this moment on the big screen in the upcoming Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Let’s take a look at how Carnage failed as Venom just stopped him from making possibly his deadliest attack ever in the comics.


According to a recent issue of Marvel comics, in another one of the attempts at killing thousands of people Carnage was trying to poison a reservoir that was supplying water to millions of people. Luckily, Venom discovers Carnage as the latter was in the act of doing his deeds. They end up confronting each other and we witness a fairly good battle. Carnage was actually much more into this fight than expected as he even calls Venom “daddy”.


How Carnage Failed

Carnage is a very essential character from the Marvel comics. Cletus Kasay and his symbiote Carnage actually form one of the deadliest villains in the Marvel Universe. Amongst the symbiote, Carnage is surely the one who has the most effort in the villainous activities. This was because of his numerous attempts at killing and infecting thousands of people. In the Maximum Carnage storyline, he was responsible for infecting an entire town with his symbiote. Carnage is not even shy of this tendency and rather enjoys killing anything that comes his way, even killing symbiote and also others that include his own offspring.


The Story

It seems that recently he must have been responsible for one of the deadliest attacks. In Venom/Carnage Infinity Comic #1 by Karla Pacheco, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, VC’s Joe Sabino, and Annie Cheng we see quite a massive event unfold. Cletus shows his regret that people are dying and he is hardly getting a chance to be held responsible at all for this. Thus, in order to form a remedy and also for making up for the lost time, he goes for the reservoir that distributes water to Arizona, California, and Mexico. After reaching there he decides to infect this water supply using his symbiote.


How Carnage Failed

But things take a different turn when Venom alerts Eddie Brock who was traveling in a plane that was going above where all this was going on. The duo jump into action and fly in with their wings towards the ground and manage to knock Carnage inside the reservoir. Venom surely doesn’t seem to be delighted with the plans of poisoning the water supply. Carnage mentions that it was just another one of the classic attempts of trying to spend some time with “daddy” while also being able to kill a number of people. This conversation is cut short when Carnage reaches a nearby helicopter and starts throwing the people off of it. He then takes over the helicopter and starts heading toward Vegas, but then lightning strikes and he falls to the ground.


But in terms of a conclusion Venom is able to prevent the Carnage from causing this massive causality and potentially killing millions of people. It seems that this is only the beginning as the due might have a proper fight upon reaching Vegas. It’s only safer to realize that Venom was able to stop one of the darkest and most violent events in the history of Marvel from occurring.

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