Marvel Reveals A Crazy New Type Of Gamma Power

Marvel has always tried to get deeper into the reasoning behind the science used by its characters both in comic books and in movies. The movies in Marvel Cinematic Universe have teams behind them who work on the science behind the concepts being introduced in the movies. This gives a much more authentic look at the world that is introduced to us via these movies. Often the science behind these comic books has been the prime reason people have dived into these characters and worlds introduced here. One of the major Marvel characters Hulk is a result of gamma radiation. This has played a major role in both the movie and comic book interpretations following the origin story. Let’s take a look at the new type of gamma power that has been introduced in Marvel Comics.


Dr. Bruce Banner was a quiet, shy scientist who worked for the army. Due to a failed experiment, he gets caught in a blast that causes a massive amount of gamma radiation. This should have clearly killed Bruce but instead, it gave him a superhuman capability. Whenever he gets angry or feels an emotional imbalance, he turns into a giant green form that is in absolute rage. Though later he gains control of it works on this in order to become somewhat normal. This giant green form of his is known as the Hulk. He has been one of the most essential parts of the Avengers and various other superhero groups. It’s not that Hulk has always been a friendly being as often he had to square off against the Avengers because of the chaos he must have caused.


Gamma Mutates

Gamma radiation has always been associated with the character of Hulk and a few more Hulk-like characters in Marvel. Gamma radiation does exist in the real world. It is in fact the highest frequency of electromagnetic radiation and can exist as both wave and particle. But the one that we explore in the Marvel Universe could be considered as a third form which is actually supernatural in nature. This third form causes massive mutations in human beings and converts them to the likes of Hulk, She-Hulk, the Leader, or the Abomination.


New Type Of Gamma Power

The logic behind this third form of Gamma Radiation is explained in the comic books. The power for this radiation comes from a realm known as the Below-Place. This is actually the dwelling place of The One Below All and this is actually accessible only through some mysterious Green Doors. When the gamma mutated being dies, its soul passes through the Green Door and goes into the Below-Place to await their resurrection. Some of the other such gamma mutated individuals teamed up together and called themselves the Gamma Flight.


New Gamma Powers??

In Gamma Flight #4, we are introduced to a new means of using the gamma powers by Del Frye, who is a member of the Gamma Flight. This story is written by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier and the art along with the colors is done by Lan Medina and Antonio Fabela, with the letters done by Joe Sabino. During one of their adventures, the Gamma Flight discovers an entire town filled with gamma mutates. This is made possible by a special supplement called Fortify.

New Type Of Gamma Power

This supplement is traced back to a gamma radiation-obsessed doctor who goes by the name of Aliana Alba and the Abomination as well. The team then heads for these two at their respective headquarters. Del Frye, who has now been fused with Rick Jones into a gamma monster, is confronted by a sword-wielding Skaar. The latter is then told by Frye that something strange has happened resulting in him acquiring strange gamma powers. We then see Frye standing next to the Green Door. Skaar and his men got to attack him but some ghosts surge through the door and Frye tells Skaar to see the world in his own eyes.


While it is unclear what this gamma power’s true nature must be, we can be certain that Frye now has powers that the other gamma mutates including Hulk don’t. It seems that he can access the Green Door and set the creatures trapped inside free. Another major point that should be taken into consideration is that there is a chance that Frye has done this before because Rick Jones tries to stop him from doing this. Now, Skaar might be able to fight with the gamma ghosts but the same cannot be said for others. It is rather surprising as fans have only associated gamma radiation powers with “Hulk Smash” but Marvel is clearly inclining for a lot more than that.


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