10 Reasons Why Hollywood Has No Clue About XXX In Real Life

When we watch movies and come across steamy scenes with actors having sex of their lives, we often ask ourselves “why we can’t have that kind of sex”. Well, if you think like this then you are not alone. The truth is most of it is fabricated and is enhanced by superior camera work.

Men Are Ready For Round 2 Always:

After the climax of all the action under the bedsheet, men are never exhausted and are always ready to have another shot. This is unscientific as men are incapable of erection for several hours after sexual activity, their dopamine levels drop significantly which makes them fall asleep.

The Shower Sex:

You can see a plethora of sex scenes inside the bathroom where women are just waiting for the man to come inside before she even begins to apply a cleansing agent on her body. She is just standing there waiting to have sex and is never found shampooing or scrubbing herself.

Simultaneous Orgasm is a thing:

In 99% of Hollywood movies, men and women never have to adjust or take the time to fulfill her sexual desires. They have orgasms at the same time like a unicorn.

The Over-hyped Elevator Sex:

In almost every movie, a hot couple is found having steamy sex in the most claustrophobic environment i.e the elevator. They are never caught and its the only place they can resolve their issues.

Sex In A Public Bathroom:

If shower sex was hot, sex in a public bathroom is the most daring act by a couple. Despite the location, whether it’s pub, concert hall or workplace, couples are ready to jump into each other in a place which is dirty, having foul smell without a sense of shame whatsoever.

Insane Sexual Positions That Are Too Extreme:

Sometimes, in order to create sexual fantasies come alive, directors put actors in sexual positions that are impossible even by kama-sutra standards.

Married People Are Always Sex-starved Than Their Single Friends:

In almost every Hollywood movie, when a middle-aged office-going guy is about to have a sexual intercourse with a lustful look in his eye and he signals to his partner to give him his due, she turns him down instead with a disgusting one liner. On the other hand, single men are being accosted by women.

Foreplay aren’t needed:

The couple doesn’t need to be bothered with sexual foreplay, they are horny and ready to climb at each other at the drop of a hat. They see each other, start ripping each other’s clothes and the next thing you know is they have inserted their “precious” into each other.

The term STD is used like a joke:

According to Center for Disease Control, there are 110 million people in the US alone with STD’s and 20 million new cases come up every year. But despite all the banging and moaning, the actors never suffer from STD and they often drop the term as a casual reference, not a serious issue.

Lesbians are there for Men:


Whenever lesbians are used in the movie, it’s always to entice men. For instance, in Wild Things, the famous Lesbian scene had a man lurking behind or take the example of Sharon Stone who is shown to be a lesbian in the movie Basic Instinct but no-one remembers that we all remember when she opened up her legs to a bunch of male detectives.

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