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Darkseid Kills Thanos from DC Immediately After He Is Introduced

We have come to realize that Thanos is a rather significant villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The same goes for the character in the comics. DC and Marvel are two of the largest houses when it comes to comics. Both of them have always been compared for the variety of characters and certain parallels in narratives both of them have had over the years. It is not surprising that often some of the characters in both the comic book worlds have been rather similar. Recently, Darkseid killed Thanos after DC created their own version of him.


Thanos is one of the most interesting characters that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had for a long while. The comics also have him as a rather strong character with the heroes often facing him as one of the most powerful enemies. Even the movies have indicated that Thanos has made a larger impact even after his death. The character has a depth that puts him apart from other villains. Even the reasoning that the Mad Titan had for annihilating half the population of the universe actually made a certain amount of sense. Fans won’t be surprised that Thanos is often compared with Darkseid from the DC world who has quite a lot of similarities with the Marvel villain.


Darkseid is an otherworldly being who has similar motives but the end goals a rather different when it comes to Thanos. Recently we got to witness Darkseid come to life in the DCEU movies with Zack Snyder’s Justice League which had certain parallels to the MCU narrative for Thanos. This has always been the reason for fans to wonder about who might win if Thanos and Darkseid have a face-off against each other. It seems a version of this idea might have come true in a recent DC comics issue.


Thanos Knockoff In DC Comics

Darkseid kills Thanos

DC comics recently introduced a character in a recent issue that had fans wondering about a certain character they had seen in Marvel. In Justice League Incarnate #1, written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver, and art by Brandon Peterson and Andrei Bressan, we meet an interesting character titled Tartarus. Upon looking at the character one can clearly see that it has a lot of resemblance to the Thanos we got to see in the MCU movies. But funnily enough, this character appears only for this single issue as he is killed by Darkseid himself.


The issue tells the story of how Tartarus is terrorizing the multiverse and causing by defeating a lot of the heroes. But his havoc is not for long as he is approached by none other than Darkseid himself. They end up fighting each other but the fight proves to be nothing major for Darkseid as he clearly ends up defeating Tartarus. Darkseid uses omega beams to hit Tartarus and then he grabs the latter’s head and twisted it violently. It seemed like a rather simple move for Darkseid that was used to kill this character that resembled Thanos massively.


There are a lot of similarities that can be seen between Tartarus and Thanos and it is fairly obvious that Tartarus steals elements of Thanos both from the comics and the movie rendition of Thanos. A rather obvious reference was made to the Infinity Stones when Tartarus mentions the powers of the Eight Rings of the Ancient Spectrum that are possessed by his suit. We even get to see these Eight Rings that he mentions and their appearance in their different forms actually reminds us of the Infinity Stones. The character even wears an armor that resembles that one that we got to see Thanos wearing during the events of Infinity War except for the color being red here.


Darkseid kills Thanos

The narrative actually says Tartarus is much of a talker and Darkseid is the way he usually is. This is probably the creators of DC having some fun with the idea of Thanos and Darkseid coming together. Of course, the narrative goes in favor of Darkseid but still, this might be the closes thing we might ever get to a fight between the Marvel and DC baddies. While Darkseid might not be the clear winner, one can never say who might win in such circumstances as the debate goes on and on!

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