DC And Marvel: Superheroes With Secret Evil Siblings

Superheroes With Evil Siblings:

It is always warm to read and watch about sibling bonds and unity. But in the twisting games of DC and Marvel, you cannot expect such a conventional sibling power team. What’s more engaging than watching a Superhero fight his arch-enemy who turns out to be their brother or sister? Black Widow might call the Avengers as her family, but what about the real blood? Find out the wicked supervillains who are in secret, siblings of the superheroes.

 1. Black Panther

Yes, T’Chala had a younger half-brother who could go down to any depths for his claimed rights. He was Jakarra, an illegitimate son of King T’Chaka with Mateena. Jakarra challenged T’Chaka for the throne more than once but kept losing every time. Unable to accept his recurring failure, he consumed Vibranium to become more powerful & invincible. This turned the already evil intentioned man into a visible purple-scaly monster.

 2. Batman

Like every second citizen of Gotham, Bruce’ so-called brother, Lincoln March also had a disturbed state of mind. He claimed to be Bruce Wayne’s brother which was never proved, and also fought for Mayoral elections. It is said that Lincoln’s storyline is the same as that of the Joker movie in 2019. We can’t wait to have a movie with him as the antagonist this time in the Batman series.

 3. Doctor Strange

The master of mystique arts who risked his life more than once to save the universe from powerful demons has a wicked vampire sibling, Victor Strange aka Baron Blood. Victor never intentionally wanted to be harmful but his never-ending thirst for blood brought out his monstrous instincts. Aware that his uncontrollable action could kill his brother Stephen, Victor took his own life.

 4. Shazam

DC Marvel Superheroes With Evil Siblings

So far in the movie, we have the good side of Shazam’s adopted siblings who have joined his team as superheroes. But one of his other adopted sisters, also a blood relative, Mary Batson possesses the same powers as Shazam but is inclined towards darkness and devastation. She joins forces with his arch-enemy Black Adam and ultimately turns into a supervillain.

 5. Batgirl

The female counterpart of Batman, Batgirl a.k.a. Barbara Gordon is Commissioner Jim Gordon’s daughter. Unlike father and daughter, Jim’s eldest son had a dark side. He was known as the serial Slayer and was also admitted to the psychiatric ward of Gotham City for some years.

 6. Thor

Out of all the other names mentioned on this list, MCU fans are well-versed with Hela. She was the elder sister of Thor and Odin’s firstborn. Just like Loki being an adopted brother was a secret, the existence of a blood sister was also concealed for years. As Hela, the Goddess of Death finally shows up, she turns out to be stronger than Thor. Her strength didn’t even require her to be worthy as she easily grabbed the Mjolnir and destroyed it within seconds.

 7. Professor X

DC Marvel Superheroes With Evil Siblings

Though Xavier always wanted to co-exist with humans and taught his X-Men to make good use and control if their much-feared power. He had the real enemy in his family. The ghastly and large Juggernaut a.k.a. Cain Marko was Professor X’s step-brother. But the threat was Xavier’s sister, his twin, Cassandra Nova, who also possessed psychic powers like him.

 8. Daredevil

DC Marvel Superheroes With Evil Siblings

Be careful what you wish for. In Matthew Murdock a.k.a. Daredevil’s case, it should be- Be careful about what lies you make. For years, Matthew blamed his imaginary twin as the vigilante Daredevil to conceal his own identity. But the lie backfired when real Mike manifested from Matthew’s mind into reality. It happened when the Inhuman Reader used his powers to physically create anything that he reads.

 9. Nick Fury

Even the agent of SHIELD who has trust issues and not easy to deal with has a genius baddy brother named Jacob. Jacob & Nick’s paths cross on several occasions for the former’s cult, the Great Wheel of the Zodiac. Jacob the Scorpio was the mastermind behind this cult and always had his eyes laid on Nick and his agents.

 10. Batwoman

DC Marvel Superheroes With Evil Siblings

Batwoman spent half her life fighting her arch-enemy, Alice. But later it turned out that Alice was her twin whom she lost years ago as a kid. Her real name is Beth who was kidnapped and snatched away from her sister at a young age and raised in the crime world.

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