Doctor Strange Saved Marvel Universe More Times Than You Know

Doctor Strange Saved Marvel Universe:

Some dangers that Earth faces are beyond the control of the current Avengers we know of. Strength and ballistics have no power over magic. These are the times when Doctor Strange aka Master of Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme has shown up and rescued the universe from magical threats and altered realities. He has not gained the popularity and fandom that he deserves. His intelligence, presence of mind, magic powers, and knowledge has saved the Marvel Universe more times than you can fathom. We have enlisted 10 major threats to the Marvel Universe that were taken care of by Doctor Strange.

 1. Dormammu

Major MCU Villain

This battle between Doctor Strange and Dormamu was witnessed by MCU fans in the movies, too. Dormamu was any day, way more powerful than Strange. So stopping him from invading Earth was not Strange’s cup of tea. But before a wizard, Strange is a super-smart man. Aware of the fact that he couldn’t escape the demon, Strange played a genius trick that needed him to sacrifice his own life. He trapped himself and Dormamu in a time-loop where Dormamu could kill him an endless number of times. Tired of killing Doctor Strange over and over again, the demon finally left his realm.

 2. Avengers: Disassembled Storyline

Major destruction strikes when Scarlet Witch has an emotional outburst. Her mental breakdown had more than once put the reality in jeopardy. Once, the witch went berserk which resulted in the Avengers getting disassembled, and killed many of them, including Hawkeye. Doctor Strange sought to the Eye of Agamotto that disabled Wanda and finally stopped the storm.

 3. When Shuma-Gorath Possessed The Ancient One

Imagine challenge and burden that came in the way of Doctor Strange when Shuma-Gorath had mind-controlled the Ancient One. Shuma-Gorath was an inter-galactic being who was so strong that it successfully possessed Strange’s mentor. The only way to defeat this evil was by killing  The Ancient One. Reluctantly, Doctor Strange won the battle by doing what was needed.

 4. Dracula Vs Doctor Strange

When menacing Draculas with superhuman strength was trying to invade Earth, Strange gathered the vampire hunters to fight them. He sought guidance from the Darkhold Book that holds the Montesi spell, used to destroy vampires. Strange was successful in casting the spell against them and saved everyone.

 5. Defenders & The Undying Ones

Doctor Strange Saved Marvel Universe

Doctor Strange once had the challenge to defeat the demonic Undying Ones. In order to stop them from conquering Earth, he formed a team with Hulk and Namor of Atlantis and called them themselves Defenders.

 6. Incursions

Doctor Strange Saved Marvel Universe

The Illuminati was a team of Marvel superheroes that protect the Earth secretly from the shadows. It consisted of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, and Professor X. One of their operations took place when our universe was in grave danger. On learning about an impending calamity known as Incursion where a collision between our universe and the other’s that would destroy both. This team embarked on a journey to demolish the other universes to protect the main one.

 7. Circle Of Four

Once a demon offspring, Blackheart was determined to turn Earth into hell. Though Ghost Rider was responsible for it,  Doctor Strange, Red Hulk, Venom, X-23, Ghost Rider & Daimon Hellstorm joined forces against this big bad. The team was divided into two sub-groups. Hellstorm and Doctor Strange attempted to avert the hell from breaking loose over Earth and the others reversed the effect in the damaged areas.

 8. The Midnight Sons

Doctor Strange Saved Marvel Universe

The other time when Strange joined hands with other superheroes was when demons Zarathos and Lilith threatened Earth. This new team called themselves the Midnight Sons and consisted of Ghost Riders, Morbius and Blade. Finally, this dark team of heroes won the battle.

 9. Mys-Tech

A thousand-year-old organization, Mys-Tech tried to interfere and mess up with the reality of Earth. It created a mystical replica of Earth called Un-Earth which put our reality in danger. This led Doctor Strange to confront the Mys-Tech and destroy its creation.

 10. In-Betweener & The Creators

When devious sorcerers known as Creators sought the help of In-Betweener to change the reality, Doctor Strange showed up to impede the magic. Though the In-Betweeners are nearly indestructible,  Doctor Strange managed to beat them.

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