Amazing Scarlet Witch Powers Marvel Movies Haven’t Shown Yet

Scarlet Witch’s character which was introduced to us in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron has gone onto becoming a central character. Soon, she is getting her show as well. Kevin Feige has confirmed that she is currently the most powerful superhero in Marvel films. She is a very powerful mutant, but her powers are still nowhere close to Jean Grey. In spite of that, she is quite powerful as she also got her powers from the Mind Stone. It has also been confirmed that she is more powerful than Captain Marvel. But there are Wanda’s powers which Marvel still hasn’t explored in the movies.

The powers which have been explored are, her illusion giving capabilities, her powers that can destroy the strongest of the metals and infinity stones (vibranium too), and her energy blasts. Also, her control over various energies has been seen.

Here are the amazing Scarlet Witch Powers Marvel Movies Haven’t Shown Yet:

1)She Can Stand Up Against the Phoenix Force

One of the most powerful entities in the X-Men verse, Phoenix Force has gobbled up civilizations. It is like a parasite and once it takes over the host, there’s nothing the host can do about it. Even Jean Grey fell prey to it. But not with Scarlet Witch, when Phoenix force tried to take her over, Wanda resisted it. This is a power very few comic book characters can boast off. Thus indicating the cosmic nature of her powers.

2)She Can Change Luck

Yes, this isn’t a joke. She has luck changing abilities. But this power isn’t fully manifested in her yet. She can control the outcome of events to only an extent because beyond that it requires a great degree of control which isn’t easy to exercise. We might see some of this aspect in WandaVision. The reason for her lack of control over these powers is that she has many powers that are loosely defined. Since she got her powers from Mind Stone, her powers are always learning, adapting, and possibly growing.

3) She knows Witchcraft and Magic

Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch
Dr. Strange vs Scarlet Witch

Well she’s Scarlet Witch for a reason, right? She hasn’t become a witch yet, but we might see that in WandaVision. She has internal chaos magic and she has practiced witchcraft under Agatha Harkness. She was also trained by Doctor Strange. We know, Wanda will be essential in Doctor Strange 2: The Multiverse of Madness. So, here we can explore her witch powers.

4)She has Telekinesis

Her mind control powers have been explored only very little until now in the MCU. Given her mind control capabilities and witchcraft, she has very strong telekinesis ability. She can even move objects with the chaos magic she possesses. We might see this chaos magic becoming a key in Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness.

5)She Can Teleport

One of the most amazing abilities that she has is that she can teleport anywhere she wants. Her powers are so strong that she can travel through dimensions and time itself. From Wandavision’s teasers, and description, we are pretty sure, we will see this ability. Also, this will become essential in Doctor Strange 2 as it is based on the possibility of a multi-verse.

6)She Can Even Fight Domino’s luck powers

Domino is a superhero based on luck. We saw her in Deadpool 2. Now, Wanda has had a few run-ins with Domino in the comics. Domino can create good luck for herself and turn any situation in her favor. Scarlet Witch can cancel out Domino’s powers easily.

7)She is Skilled at Physical Combat

She is no Black Widow when it comes to physical combat. But she is quite skilled at it, having been trained by many people in physical combat. Hawkeye has trained her in these skills.

8)A Master Tactician

Though she is still new in the MCU, in comics she has shown the extent of her powers. She can change the odds, shape reality, manipulate the environment, and create illusions. Now, since her powers come from the mind-stone, her brain is her real asset. Till now she has been shown as a bit impulsive in the MCU. But she is quite young, once she is matured we might see her as a masterful tactician like it has been shown in the comics. She can actually predict the moves the villains are possibly going to make.

9)She Can Shape Reality

No, she doesn’t require the reality stone for that. This is one of her most dangerous powers. She can alter reality, and fundamentally change it. She can create alternate realities. We will definitely see this in WandaVision.

10)She Can Throw Blasts

She can not throw blasts of energy at enemies. These blasts are like a strong punch that can knock someone off. They are blasts of kinetic energy. We have seen some of them in the movies, but not their full manifestation.

So, Kevin Feige wasn’t wrong when he said, Scarlet Witch is the most powerful Avenger right now in the MCU. We might see more powerful heroes coming in the future. But, if MCU explores these powers of Scarlet Witch it will be amazing. We are sure most of them will be explored in the upcoming WandaVision show and Doctor Strange 2.

Aditya Goel

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