Top 5 Easter Eggs From Suicide Squad You Have Missed

The movie, Suicide Squad, has a buttload of easter eggs and references and when you recognize what they are, it is so much fun. So here are some of the easter eggs and spoilers you might have missed in the movie.

Deadshot’s Reference


Well, you might be wondering what could it be. Floyd Lawton, the assassin, was a supervillain in Batman in 1950, which is played by Will Smith in 2016 Suicide Squad. In the movie, the revelation of his daughter, Zoe, represented him so kind and soft-hearted, which he normally does not show.

Harley Quinn’s Animated Series Costume

Harley Quinn image

The heroic Quinn’s older costume, from the iconic cover of Batman: Harley Quinn comics, with Joker, appeared briefly in Suicide Squad. Moreover, the shot where the Joker pushes her into a vat of chemicals is taken from her origin from the New 52 take.

Slipknot’s Neck Bomb


Talking about Slipknot’s short role in the movie, when Captain Boomerang convinces him that the bomb injected in his neck was fake and in the next moment it blows off his neck. Well, in the comics, the bomb blew off his arm “not his head”.

Ezra Miller’s Flash Cameo


Well, this easter egg is quite apparent. According to Looper, the Captain Boomerang’s flashback sequence shows a robbery where he gets away and stopped by the Flash since he turned out to be a villain way back in 1960.

Robin’s Death

batman-superman-robin suicide squad

A scene from Batman vs Superman, where Bruce Wayne takes a look at the clobbered dress of his close partner, Robin, widely believed to be killed by The Joker. But looking down the Harley Quinn’s crime list, it appears that she might have claimed the responsibility for Robin’s death. However, there was no hint on when Batman went after her in the Suicide Squad.

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