Why The Statue of Liberty is Brown Instead of Green In No Way Home?

There were many details that were revealed regarding the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home with the trailer that came out recently. Fans have been going through the trailer multiple times in order to get through the various details and insights into the characters that we will get to see. Other than the fact that we will get to witness a lot of the villains from the previous Spider-Man movies in the movie, there are some major details revealed in the trailer that have become topics of major discussion. Fans were aware that the statue of liberty is gonna be a part of the movie due to the details being revealed in a photo earlier. But something else about the statue itself looks different. Let’s explore the reason why the Statue of Liberty is brown now instead of green in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Statue Of Liberty in No Way Home

The recent trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed that there will be a lot of sequences based around the Statue of Liberty. The major reveal of the villains along with the possible presence of the other Spider-Men (Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man is kicking the Lizard) took place around the Statue of Liberty too. Even the final moments from the trailer reveal that Doctor Strange is standing on the top of the statue as there are cracks in the reality around them. He explains, “they’re starting to come through… and I can’t stop them.” But something about the statue looks different.


Why the Statue of Liberty is Brown Now?

We had discovered that the Statue of Liberty will have a major update because of the influence of the First Avenger, Captain America in a tweet that was released earlier this year. The trailer confirms that there will be some updates on the Statue of Liberty that will include Cap’s Shield being placed on Lady Liberty’s hand. The statue itself was originally brown in color due to being made with layers of copper. But this copper got oxidized over the years and this is why it turned green.


There’s a bit of green color left after the crown of Lady Liberty gets scrubbed.

There is a chance that when the construction of the statue for the addition of the shield started taking place, they also started working on restoring the statue and bringing back the original brown color. Tributes to past characters in the MCU have been done before in the franchise too. Who could forget the wall covered with Iron Man mural in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Let’s see which other characters get honored in the future.

So, now you know why the Statue of Liberty is brown now.

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