15 Fan Theories in the MCU After Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp was the follow up to Infinity War. Thai is what we receive whilst the studio makes the fandom wait for the end to a decade of movie making. Scott Lang returns as the Ant-Man under the guidance of Hank Pym and now with some assistance from the Wasp. But now that we have seen the movie and the Quantum Realm, we must ask the question, how does all of this fit into MCU’s current timeline? Well, I have 15 possibilities right here for your scrutiny.

 1. Time Jump

It has long been speculated by fans that we are going to see a time jump in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This means that there is a possibility that we’ll end up finding characters in very different places than where we left them. We are likely to receive flashbacks in the movie and it is entirely possible that when we enter the cinema ha at the time of Avengers 4 we no longer recognize our heroes or the world that they reside in anymore. It is quite possible that Thanos’ victory is absolute and we may never see any Redemption in this desolate future.

 2. Bruce Banner is a Skrull

Okay now, this one has been out there for a little while, and no more so than Infinity War. We all saw how Hulk refused to come out and attack Thanos. We all saw how afraid he acted and how shady the entire Asgard refugee ship battle really was. The theory is simple, Bruce Banner is not the Bruce Banner we know, he is a Skrull in disguise and the real Hulk is high on sedatives somewhere deep in slumber as the universe and his planet go to shit. We may see a banner rise out from a suspended animation chamber if the snap affected the Skrull home planet. Let’s see.

 3. Red Queen

Red Queen is an evil version of Hope Pym from the Marvel comics. When the plot of Ant-Man and Wasp was being predicted by the internet nerds, they hoped that Marvel would choose to return not Janet from the Quantum Realm but Red Queen. Although, given the events of Ant-Man and Wasp, this possibility is very remote. We may see the rise of the Red Queen in Phase 4 but not before Thanos is laid to rest.

 4. Ant-Man is the Ringer

This is a slight variation on the time travel theory that has been making rounds on the internet recently. The premise is simple, instead of a group of Avengers time travelling to the battle of New York; it is only Ant-Man who ends up in the past. He is the man who barely has any idea about the Infinity Gems but he knows something is going to go very wrong very soon and it is because of Scott Lang’s existence in the timeline that the Avengers are able to prevail in the final battle in Wakandaonce they come back to it. The entire theory seems far-fetched but entirely possible considering the after credits scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

 5. Janet’s Powers

Janet spent a lot of time in the Quantum Realm as the Wasp and she gained a lot of powers courtesy to her stay there. It is a possibility that she has achieved the power to access the soul stone realm just as she accessed the power of the Quantum Realm. If this is true in any shape or form then this means that Janet will be an asset to the team come Avengers 4.

 6. Bill Foster as the wise old man

We have seen that many times in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies there is a smart guy who helps the superheroes. As Spider-Man Homecoming puts it, ‘The guy in the chair’ is a role that has many aspects to it. It can be an operator or it can be a scientist who is brilliant at what he does and his research and big brain, in turn, helps the hero in his journey. Fans predict that bill foster will fill this role come Avengers 4.

 7. Janet is a Mutant

Contrary to popular belief, humans can be forced to be mutated even if they do not possess the X Gene from birth. This may as well be the case with Janet, given her stay in the Quantum Realm and her words where she tells her husband that ‘she has evolved’. Janet may be the first to be known as a mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Disney will soon overtake Fox and assimilate the movie rights of X-Men in its gallery of feature films.

 8. Time Jumps

Given that the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe will be riddled with stories and events involving time travel it is highly likely that we will see more than one time jumps. But why happens during these time jumps remains a mystery. Redditers have attempted to answer this question by theorizing that Scott will visit both past and the future while he meets an older version of his daughter Cassie. This theory is preposterous and yet has a very emotional ring to it. It is up to Avengers 4 to show us the Marvels of time travel.

 9. Tony or Bruce will find the Mini Quantum Machine

Give the after credits scene, it was pretty apparent that Ant-Man is in a predicament that he won’t be easily getting out of. Barring all the time vortex theories and all the impossible mumbo jumbo it seems pretty plausible that it will be either Bruce Banner (given that he’s on earth) or Tony Stark who will find the quantum machine and free Scott Lang from his prison in the Quantum Realm.

 10. Quantum Realm is the Time Stone

The Infinity Stones are singularities that house entire universes within them. They are powered by the power cosmic that flows through them and they control an aspect of our reality. They are immortal ancient objects of power that control and manifest in our universe as concepts and principles. Given this information, it is easy to imagine how these objects may manifest entire realms in our reality, not unlike the Quantum Realm. It is speculated that the Quantum Realm is nothing but the supermoto manifestation of the Time Gem and this is the power leak that will help the Avengers defeat Thanos.

 11. Captain Marvel in the Quantum Realm

The theory is simple, it suggests that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have a sense of continuity even though both Ant-Man and Wasp and Captain Marvel we’re announced to be prequels. It seems entirely possible that Carol Danvers will receive a connection to the war after Infinity War and an origin story. If not much then fans expect that it will be the present day Captain Marvel who may team up with Ant-Man to travel to the past and defeat Thanos before he perpetrates his evil scheme.

 12. The deaths are permanent

Although the Russo brothers have largely denied the rumours surrounding Avengers 4 that suggested alternate realities we are yet to hear from the dynamic duo with regards to alternate timelines. It is entirely possible that the events of Avengers 4 will reset the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and act as a soft reboot for the series. Does Marvel have the gall to pull it off, it remains to be seen.

 13. The Mutants save the day

Many users think that it will be the X-Men that rise from the ashes of creation as Thanos rules supreme after the events of the snap. It is highly likely that we see the rise of the X-Men be a factor in Thanos’ defeat with or without time travel. Although time travel may be an interesting way to explain the sudden emergence of such exceptional individuals with God-like powers fighting world renders and alien armies.

 14. Time travel means an axe to Thanos’ head

If the plot of the Avengers 4 does end up revolving around time travel then the Avenger who would be most interested in travelling through time would undoubtedly be Thor. How can the god of Thunder miss the chance to travel back in time and bury his axe in the face of the Mad Titan and his entire Infinity Gauntlet wrath? I, for one, think that it would be completely badass and arguably earth shattering to see such an action sequence, the entire movie ends in two scenes. How sad for Thanos.

 15. Cassie will become an Avenger

Ant-Man and the Wasp Fan Theories MCU

We all fell in love with Scott Lang’s daughter. The kid was cute and her questions were profound. Most of all, she put Scott on the spot and Scott could no longer run or be non-confrontational. One of the theories regarding the future of the MCU entertains the possibility that we might see Cassie emerge as a young Avenger, somebody to fill the shoes in the next generation of heroes come Phase 4? Who knows? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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