Avengers Endgame: 15 Possibilities We Have After The Trailer

The Avengers Endgame trailer arrived on 7th December 2018. And boy what an explosive trailer it was. We received some very interesting footage but the trailer left more questions unanswered than the number of details it furnished. The trailer, if you have not seen it, has been reproduced below for your scrutiny and here are 15 Possibilities of the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters after the Avengers Endgame trailer.

Thor and rocket raccoon will save Iron Man

The trailer is quite extensive and it starts off with our most favorite Avenger, Iron Man. We see a distraught Tony Stark record a final message for Pepper Potts on the brink of death. Stark is stranded in space with no fuel, no food, and barely any oxygen. It seems certain that he is to die here. But maybe that is exactly what the creators at Marvel want us to believe, it is highly likely that this is just a prelude to the impending rescue. The build-up to a heroic entrance of some comrade or ally that delivers Stark from the doors of death. And we bet it will be the Stormbreaker wielding god of thunder who acts as the savior of Iron Man.

Iron Man will die in space

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

The first rule of any Marvel trailer: Marvel lies. Over the years it has become abundantly clear that the studio likes to misdirect its fans when it comes to the footage released in trailers. I wonder if that is the case with this trailer.  But there is a possibility that the footage of Stark we see at the beginning of the trailer is not at the start of the movie but post to its climax. You see, there are certain inconsistencies with the footage and the current structure of events, most notably the fact that Stark was not the only one stranded on Titan.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

He had Nebula for the company. But these inconsistencies point to the fact that the footage actually lies in a different context altogether. Maybe in a post-climax scene where Thanos is defeated but all Avengers are dead and the last one i.e. Tony Stark is drifting through space in hopes of making it back home.

Avengers believe that Ant-Man is dead

Avengers: Endgame Trailer Shuri

We get a very short glimpse of Bruce Banner in the Avengers compound looking at a screen, seemingly very distraught. It is possible that the avenger is equating the losses of humankind in its entirety. We see the picture of Tom Holland up there and Shuri ( implying that Shuri might be one of the dusted) and the picture in the middle of the screen is that of Scott Lang vis-à-vis Ant-Man. It is our belief that Ant-Man is believed to be killed in action or rather to be snapped in action by the Avengers at this point.

Ant-Man is in the past

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

The ending footage showcased Scott lang pleading the Avengers to let him in. This might as well be a reference to the first Ant-Man but we think it is something much more sinister. There is a point during the footage where Captain asks Natasha if this is old footage and then subsequently continues to look shocked when he is told that it was on storage. The look of the footage makes it hard to tell but it definitely seems like Ant-Man is somewhere that is not the current point in time of the canon Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rather it is likely that Scott is being thrown around different timelines via the quantum realm and this footage has resurfaced from an old camera

Ant-Man is hopping around in time

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

Extending the previous point it is also entirely possible that Ant-Man is not in the past at all but is being transported to different parts of the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the discretion of the quantum realm and/or a Doctor Strange from the past using the powers of his time stone. It is rather hard to tell but the premise that Ant-Man is the edge that Avengers have seems quite interesting. Let’s see where Marvel takes this.

Ant-Man is the key

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

Since the hero is being thrown around different points in time it is also entirely possible that Ant-Man will be the hero to collect all the infinity stones for the Stark tech gauntlet (if Tony Stark does make it back to earth for the assault on Thanos ). Ant-Man, it seems, is the key to this entire movie’s plot. It is possible that the hero will revisit the sets of a lot of old movies to establish new premises to the already known facts.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

Maybe Ant-Man is the man who outwits Thanos and arrives at Wakanda/ Titan with all the six infinity stones just in time to wreak havoc on an already overpowered Thanos. But only time will tell if this theory holds any merit.

The death of Iron Man

Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark

The desolate footage at the beginning of the trailer broke the hearts of every Marvel Cinematic Universe fan who viewed it. We crashed the youtube comments section, for god’s sake. But there was a good reason for it. This might as well be the last movie where we see Robert Downey Jr. take on the role of Iron Man.

Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark

It is quite possible that the hero will meet his fate by the time credits roll on the endgame. It remains to be seen. But it will be a fitting end for a 22 movie long character arc for the MCU hero. But the question is, does Marvel have the courage to go through with it. To burn kill their original hero. We shall find out

Cap Secret Avengers

Avengers Endgame

There are snippets in the trailer that cover, what seems like, a very emotional exchange between Captain America aka Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. We know that the pair is grieving for their fallen comrades and possibly planning to mount an assault against the mad Titan. But what we don’t see is the setting of this discussion. It is highly likely that Steve is back in America and this planning is from within the Avengers compound.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

It is also possible that the Avengers are now considered outcasts and the hero is hiding out in the complex, laying low. But knowing Steve Rogers laying low is not really his style. It is highly likely that Steve is amassing allies for the final assault and heading the Avengers in secret while keeping the frantic world governments out of it.


Avengers Endgame Possibilities

It seems that Captain America orders Natasha to find Hawkeye and this search takes her to the back allies of an Asian country. Why is he there? We do not know. But we do see that Hawkeye is no longer the man we remember him to be. This is someone else completely. For the non-comic readers let me tell you of this evil alter ego of Clint Barton.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

Ronin is the crazed version of Hawkeye where Barton uses his exceptional talents as a master spy to eliminate everyone in his way ruthlessly on a personal vendetta. It seems Marvel has seen it fit to incorporate this element in their movie by confirming that Hawkeye is alive and seemingly implying that his family is dead

The Japan connection


Avengers Endgame Possibilities

A little-known fact is that there was a plot leak recently that talked about the Japan aspect a bit more than usual. It was this leak that told us that Ronin would be found by Widow in the back alleys of Japan. But what’s more interesting the reason for Hawkeye being in Japan. You see, according to the plot leak Captain America did not send widow to Japan to locate Hawkeye but she is sent there to rescue Carol Danvers. It is our belief that Captain Marvel is trapped in the quantum realm and the quantum generator that has her trapped there is located in Japan.

Thor lost his powers

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

The only glimpse of the God of thunder we receive during the entire trailer is him sulking in a hoodie. The question is why would the God of thunder stop his relentless pursuit of the mad Titan when he holds the power of the Bifrost in his hands and the Stormbreaker to kill the tyrant.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

Why will Thor choose to stay when he can end this battle in one swing of his ax. The answer is that Thor might’ve been affected by the snap too. Not in the traditional way but in the way that the snap wrecked the balance of cosmic powers and Thor is now severely depowered.

Nebula is captured for torture

Avengers Endgame

Remember how I said that Tony was not the only one stranded on Titan, how he still has Nebula for the company, well all of that completely changes if this theory holds any merit.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

The original infinity gauntlet storyline showcased a subplot where Nebula is held hostage by an infinity gauntlet powered Thanos and held in a perpetual state of torture between life and death. Considering the degree of contempt the mad Titan holds for his daughter it is entirely possible that upon return Thanos captures the blue alien and puts her through every torture in reality while holding her soul at bay using the power of the infinity stones. We can’t wait to find out.

Rocket will revive Groot

The one hero we did not get to see in the trailer is rocket raccoon. For his witty remarks and unbeatable intellect, the character seems to be missing from the roster of superheroes in the trailer of Avengers movie. Although we can be quite certain that this will not be the case during the actual events of the fourth Avengers movie we do have a pretty good guess of where rocket might be.

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

The fandom, and we at Quirkybyte, believe that rocket is making a journey to Groot’s destroyed home planet to revive the sentient tree in hopes of substantiating the Avengers’ battle force against Thanos. It might seem feasible considering how affectionate rocket actually is towards Groot and the minimal number of allies the Avengers have left after the snap.

The time skip

Avengers Endgame Possibilities

The footage that was presented to us is grounded. The trailer seems to real when compared to the ultra-hyped end of Infinity War. Maybe there is a reason why it is so. You see, we believe that the Avengers Endgame movie will take place after considerable time has passed from the event known as the snap. And if it is so then the characters might be at a completely different place in their thought processes than where we left them. Captain seems to be back in his own element. Stark seems to be lost in space with no hope of rescue and everyone else completely shattered with the events along with Hawkeye.

True Endgame

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Doctor Strange

It seems rather unnatural for Marvel Studios to completely let go of the time travel storyline but it also seems entirely possible that the studio is simply hiding the major details of the plot. It is believed that everything was planned by Doctor Strange from the very start and if that is so it is completely possible that strange might have a bigger role in the endgame than we are led to believe. What and how will strange affect the endgame? Only time will tell.

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