The Next Spider-Man Trilogy Needs To Replace Love Interests With Team-Ups

Spider-Man is a character with an interesting past. It starts a bit murky, with a new comic character making his debut in a comic line that was about to shut down. In Stan Lee’s own words, “They didn’t care what I put on the cover”. And so Spider-Man came into being. All things said and done the character was largely successful for the comic company. It was not only because Peter was relatable but also because the rogue gallery of Spider-Man is second to none. No wonder Sony created their own universe out of it. But what about the next Spider-Man trilogy?

What will and should happen now that Sony and Marvel both have their separate Spider-Men? Well, we think that they should go a different route than what they have been doing before. What was that? Do you ask? Well, they chose to focus too much on the personal narrative of ‘who is Peter Parker’ than delving right into his alter ego. While I do understand the filmmaker’s inherent need to introduce me to the character and his backstory, I want to remind everyone that the general populace is well acquainted with Peter Parker. Now that Sony and Marvel Studios have adopted a more episodic method of movie-making, they must ensure that they do it correctly. One proven method in the Spider-Man genre is the way Spider-Man: The Animated Series was set up.


Next Spider-Man Trilogy Should Ditch Love Interests

The 1994 animated series had a very different taste to it. We were very well acquainted with Spider-Man as a hero and got glimpses of what was happening with Peter only periodically. It was necessitated by the form of storytelling that the hero should interact with more characters and the secret identity interact with the least. The same thing should be done by Sony and Marvel. Rather than reviving Gwen Stacy or bringing back Zendaya’s MJ, they should aim for more superhero team-ups for Spider-Man in the movies.


Now that the multiverse is a full-fledged thing in Marvel and Sony movies we can get up to all kinds of shenanigans. Think what will happen after the release of Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. We could finally get to see a Spider-Man and Deadpool team-up in the MCU. Then Marvel Studios could introduce more characters like The Punisher and Daredevil in Spider-Man 5. Deadpool could come back in Spider-Man 6 and Spidey and Pool could get a team ready for the multiversal war. Even Andrew’s Spider-Man could come back after this. We could have all kinds of people and creatures in Spider-Man 6.


next Spider-Man trilogy

Even Miles and Shang-Chi could show up. A multiversal war on a micro level with a street team led by Spider-Man would be absolutely amazing. it would feel like someone finally did Gotham Knights right. A melee combat team fighting through a barrage of Kang, decimating them from existence, and working the espionage angle would elevate MCU’s story-telling to the next level. We cannot begin to fathom the implications of this form of narrative. But the MCU must first ditch the love interests. They take up an entire B-story that is not needed.


The Possibilities

Multiverse Not Happening in Far From Home
Multiverse Not Happening in Far From Home

After all, that is reel time that could be dedicated to something much more adventurous. For my Peter fans, I want to add that you should not despair. I have you covered. You see, once the superhero stuff ramps up, so does Peter’s personal growth. Take this from a Spider-Man fan, when Peter is put under pressure, he shines like a diamond. But he also hardens like one. When Andrew spoke about how he got bitter in No Way Home, the entire fandom realized that that is a movie they would want to watch. The absence of love interests makes for a better superhero film.


Spider-Man 3 Theory: How Peter Discovers The Multiverse?

Without the personal stuff to bother him a while, it is also possible that we get a tidal wave of it in the last movie. But quick fixes of emotions could end up being the masterstroke that the studio needs. After reading our analysis of the situation and looking at the present circumstances.

Do you think that Marvel will ditch love interests for more superhero team-ups in the next Spider-Man trilogy? Let us know down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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