6 Amazing Superpowers That Make Phoenix Force The Strongest Character In Marvel

Phoenix Force is one of the strongest and dangerous characters in the Marvel Universe. Being a cosmic entity, she showcases lives which have not been existed before. She is indestructible and immortal and is considered as the child of the universe, having a strong link with psionic energy. She has the potential to revive the lost parts of the universe.

“ I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever — I am PHOENIX!” That’s right. Since she is so powerful, check out five superpowers that you probably had no idea about her cosmic appearance.

 1. Energy manipulation

6 Amazing Superpowers That Make Phoenix Force The Strongest Character In Marvel

Phoenix Force can actually absorb and manipulate a huge amount of energy. She can control the energy of super powered beings like Cyclops, whose vision has the energy equivalent of stars and the whole galaxy. Moreover, he can deactivate the mutations of the other beings through her incredible psychic abilities.

2. Psionic powers

Phoenix Force has incredible psionic powers which provide her high mental abilities, telepathy, empathy, and strong telekinesis. As she bonds with other being with psionic abilities, her powers keep multiplying and reaches the immeasurable amount of powers.

3. Teleportation

Since she can alter different parts of the universe, it is easy for Phoenix Force to be able to teleport herself across galaxies and other universes. Moreover, she can traverse through an entire timeline fast.

4. Resurrection Force

Phoenix Force’s the queen of resurrecting lives of people. She can revive anybody to unimaginable and indestructible powers. She did it several times in her history when she was Jean Grey.

5. Atmokinesis

Being one of the strongest cosmic entities in the world, she has the power to develop cosmic storms, geomagnetic storms, cosmic rays, black holes and mass ejection. She can manipulate the whole universe in the way she wants.

6. Life Manipulation

Since she can manipulate everything, manipulating lives and deaths of all the beings in the universe. She can resurrect people and can let them die forever.

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