Loki Episode 3: We Have These 7 Questions About The TVA and Lady Loki

The third episode of MCU’s Loki was released yesterday. The series has till now received a positive response and the response was the same for this episode. The series has been currently acclaimed for the suspense it is bringing up for the audience and making new revelations in every episode. The second episode solved the mystery of the cloaked figure, who turns out to be Lady Loki. But a lot of Questions about the TVA and Lady Loki were asked by the MCU fans after the third episode.

Episode 3 starts right from where the second episode left off. Lady Loki aka Sylvie makes her way to the TVA through a door along with the other Loki. Both of them engage in a fight as Loki tries to convince Lady Loki to join him so that he can benefit himself. When Ravonna Renslayer appears to capture them, Lady Loki uses the TemPad to open another door and end up on Lamentis-1. This time, when Lady Loki tries to send the other Loki to somewhere else, she cannot since the TemPad has run out of charge.

Loki and Lady Loki get to know that Lamentis will be destroyed soon and they must escape from it. Lamentis was not mentioned much in the previous episodes exploring the mystery of the Time-Keepers and the multiverse. But since the time it has been introduced, it has answered a lot of questions. There have been hints about Lady Loki’s past and the real nature of the TVA. Now till the fourth episode arrives, let’s check and see the questions that have been risen in Episode 3.

Who are the TVA Agents?

Questions About The TVA

Towards the end of the third episode, Lady Loki reveals that the TVA agents were not created by the Time-Keepers. It is revealed that every hunter and analyst was a variant from somewhere in time and space. They were captured and brainwashed by the Time-Keepers to serve their purpose. Lady Loki might be lying. But she is not. It has been confirmed in the opening scene of the episode where the TVA hunter C-20 experiences a usual Earth memory. Now the mystery that remains unsolved is who the TVA agents are. They all look like a human, although Sacred Timeline also includes other planets. The reset workers might have been turned into workers at the TVA. Possibly, Loki can use this revelation to provoke a rebellion within the TVA itself. All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

How will Loki and Lady Loki escape Lamentis?

Loki and Lady Loki have now ended up in Lamentis. The TemPad has run out of charge and in one of the scenes, it appears to be completely damaged. They were able to get on a ship that could have got them out of the place but they were thrown out in between. The final scene of the episode shows Loki looking up at the sky and thinks if he is going to die or he can prevent it. Loki and Lady Loki will not die in Lamentis-1. With the help of the best resources, TVA will track them down and capture them. Also, another MCU character might make a cameo appearance and help them to escape Lamentis.

Why Lady Loki hates the TVA?

The purpose of Lady Loki is to eradicate the Time-Keepers along with the TVA. She is a variant who has been on the run for most of her life. But her history has not been revealed yet. We don’t know why she hates TVA. Possibly, TVA killed her mother or wiped out her world. She also mentions in one of the scenes that she was planning everything for the last few years. So clearly, she was an adult when she started to plan her revenge. Her past will reveal what made her choose the path of war instead of running away somewhere and living peacefully.

What happened to the Sacred Timeline?

Questions About The TVA

The characters in Loki’s third episode spent most of their time in Lamentis. We saw Loki and Lady Loki trying to escape the planet. But since Sylvie reset the charges, they are wreaking havoc on the Sacred Timeline. She has sent many charges to spots all around time and space. This has created many branches in a single coordinated attack. But the third episode did not reveal the aftermath of the bombing run. No one knows if TVA was able to get everything back in control. Maybe the multiverse is rising out of Lady Loki’s numerous branches, unable to be quelled by the efforts of the Time Keepers.

What is Lady Loki’s plan?

One big mystery that remains to be resolved is the plan of Lady Loki. It looks like she plans to destroy the Time-Keepers and the TVA. She has told Loki that she does not wish to rule TVA. This means that the Sacred Timeline will evolve back into a proper multiverse in the MCU and there will be no one left to reset the variant branches and keep everything in order. Now no one knows what’s going on inside Lady Loki’s mind. As a personal goal, she wants to take revenge on the Time-Keepers. Also, she wants to free the multiverse from the grip of oppressive rulers. The upcoming episodes will reveal the real reason for Lady Loki’s revenge against the TVA.

How Lady Loki is different from Loki?

Lady Loki is a Loki variant. But it is unknown how she is different from the main MCU’s Loki. She is different in gender and physical appearance along with her overall persona. Lady Loki’s powers are different from Loki’s. Lady Loki can enchant other people and bring them under her will. She reveals to Loki in one of the scenes that she was aware of her adoption and barely knew her mother. She also reveals that she has spent most of her life running from the TVA. The other things would be revealed in the upcoming episodes. But looks like Lady Loki did not get to live a normal life like Loki. The timeline branch created by her may have been already reset by the TVA.

So these were all the Big Questions about The TVA and Lady Loki.

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