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Loki Episode 3 Theories – How Loki & Sylvie Might Escape From Lamentis-1

Loki just arrived at Lamentis-1 in his third episode. The show is through with its halfway mark. Honestly, it is absolutely bonkers this far. Plus, we know how Hiddleston (Loki) has already informed about how mind-blowing episode 4 and 5 are going to be. Episode 3 ended with Loki and Sylvie (as revealed in episode 3) stranded on a moon ahead of the unavoidable apocalypse. Sylvie said that Lamentis-1 is the worst of all apocalypse saved in the TemPad. So, where do we go from here? Here are some theories explaining how Loki & Sylvie might escape from Lamentis-1.

It’s All An Enchantment

Sylvie’s greatest power by far is enchantment. We saw her use this trick in episode 2 on Hunter C-20 to know about the location of the Time Keepers. So, would it be safe to imagine all this is an enchantment/illusion by Sylvie or Loki? Yes. It’s a high possibility. Both of them have a common destination (Time Keepers), but a different goal. But they have realized that they could be of help to one another. Hence, working together wouldn’t be a bad strategy after all.

Sylvie could enchant Loki to make him realize that her path is the right one.  to force him into revealing the true TemPad. It was revealed that the TemPad was broken. But then it is Loki we’re talking about. Loki breaking the TemPad could also be an illusion. Considering Sylvie, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she’s able to pull it off. Plus, this would also mock the idea of Loki having a strong mind. I mean, it was seemingly affected by the Mind Stone, so the enchantment wouldn’t be tough as well. Hence proving that Loki’s mind isn’t that strong after all, simply mocking the God of Mischief.

Episode 3 included a lot of talks of magic and their respective abilities. Plus, there was a moment that showed Loki’s prowess. The display of telekinetic power by Loki was on a much greater scale than anything seen from him before in the MCU as he stops a building from falling on them. I mean, how strong is Loki exactly? This brings me to some moments that are not Loki-like. He’s seen getting drunk, singing, dancing, and botching up an entire mission on which his life depends. So, what if it’s just a facade by Loki? He wants to do things his way, so showing he is in control would help him take the lead.

Mobius The Guardian Angle

At this point, Mobius is distorted by the fact that he let Loki get away so easily. Loki and Sylvie’s only advantage of landing on Lamentis-1 is that the TVA isn’t on their backs anymore. As per Loki’s theory, there is zero variance energy in moments of a destined apocalypse. And till the end of episode 3, both of them actually do not alter things. So the TVA would not easily find them. If that remains the case. Otherwise, we know who’s coming to save her.

How Loki & Sylvie Might Escape From Lamentis-1

One might think that TVA couldn’t be so careless to not have other ways of keeping a tab on Loki. That’s because the guy is 50 percent an asset, and 50 percent liability. So I’m sure that the TVA will find a certain way to find them if we go by this theory. And who’s better than Mobius for this job, a man Loki can trust. As we’ve said, Mobius and Loki do share a bond. I think it would again be Mobius to catch bring back Loki because the rest of the TVA is busy with the bombing of the Sacred Timeline. Plus, Sylvie revealed that everyone in the TVA is a variant. I think if Mobius comes to Lamentis-1, the confrontation would be epic.

Sylvie said that everyone in the TVA is a variant that takes Loki by surprise. That means that Mobius himself could be a variant. We learned that their memories are suppressed. Maybe that’s why Mobius was so fond of jet skis. So, if he becomes self-aware enough to realize something was amiss, then he could rescue Loki and Sylvie and eventually join forces with them.

A Loki Variant Intervenes

It was revealed in episode 2 that there are other variants of Loki in the MCU that very well exist. Moreover, several of these were glimpsed in Loki episode 1, and it’s believed that most of them have been pruned from the timeline by the TVA. But not all of them. Sylvie even tells Loki that some other variants do exist even after the continuous efforts of the TVA. So, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if another Loki Variant comes in and saves the day. If that happens, then Mobius and the TVA are in for a ride.

One of the variants could be President Loki as we’ve seen in the trailer as well. This version of the character is lifted straight from the Vote Loki miniseries, in which the God of Mischief runs for president. His entire campaign argues that all of the candidates are liars and cheats, but he vows to boldly and proudly lie directly lie to the faces of Americans. Seeing him would be fairly interesting. But how President Loki plays a part is still unknown.

Another major variant that could come is Old Loki. Rumored involvement of Game Of Thrones‘ Richard E. Grant in Loki is something that excites us. Another guess that I could take is Kid Loki. It was rumored during the development of the show that a younger version of Loki might appear. But this was further set in stone by Jack Veal that he will indeed play a young version of the MCU’s trickster. Halfway through the show, it would make sense to introduce the variants.

Which of these theories about “How Loki & Sylvie Might Escape from Lamentis-1” are your favorite? Let us know. Loki stars Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Lexus Renslayer, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, and Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, and Eugene Cordero in undisclosed roles. The series premieres on June 9 on Disney+. New episodes release every Wednesday.

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