Did Tom Hardy Just Reveal That Carnage Is In Venom?

Okay, so Venom is coming this year, even if we like it or not. The announcement for standalone venom movie did not sit well with fans, especially when the movie will not be featuring Spider-Man. What you get is a broken narrative asking for a proper protagonist. Sony announced the standalone venom movie a while ago and fans have held on the above apprehensions. To be fair the studio did give us some relief when they cast the chiseled Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock back in May 2017.

Recently, a while ago, the movie did give us the first look at Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and nothing more. That first look honestly is not something to be hyped about as it is just Tom Hardy in his regular shirt. This was revealed on IGN.

Since this project is not related to the MCU or even Tom Holland’s Spider-Man yet, Sony is putting out Venom to be a kind of anti-hero who will fight its own villain. It was reported that Venom is adapting classic 90’s Marvel comics based on Lethal Protector storyline that sees Eddie Brock becoming a hero in San Francisco. But there are elements that will be done differently.

But, there has been no official confirmation by Sony or even anyone from the movie that who exactly will be the villain in this story. We just know that there are going to be other Symbiotes down the line, and nothing more. There have been rumors that the antagonist for this movie will be none other than Carnage.

Now, what is really interesting that just a day ago, Tom Hardy himself posted a photo on his Instagram, and just two minutes later he took it off as the studio might not be ready to make such a big reveal yet.

That photo was based on the IGN first look of Hardy as Eddie Brock, and it had a big Venom face on Hardy’s torso, and he was being overlooked by a big symbiote which was, and you guessed right, it was Carnage. Here is the photo.

Now, what was this actually? Did Hardy just give out the fact that Carnage is indeed going to be the main villain for the movie and we can get a little bit excited about it? Or, was this stunt just to toy with the fans, in order to mislead them?

Well, who knows! But, the former question does seem to be the likely option for the photo which actually looks like a promo art does point towards Carnage.


Now, let’s sum up what we know about the venom solo project? We know that the movie will not feature Spider-Man (or will it?). We also know that the movie will be based on a semi-shared universe that will belong to Sony and will also include Silk Sable and Black Cat in the same universe. Silk and Black is also a movie currently in the pre-production stage.

We also know that Eddie Brock’s venom will be a protagonist in the movie and his main antagonist is rumored to be carnage. The studio has already cast Hardy as Eddie Brock and Michelle Williams as Anne Weying (Eddie’s ex-wife!?).

The rest of the casting process is still underway but it seems that the director will not be stopped by trivial tasks such as casting. Last we heard that the popular actor from ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Riz Ahmed will most likely play the iconic comic-book character, Carnage against Tom Hardy’s Venom.


Now, Carnage is a huge character and we all want to see Venom and Carnage take on each other on the big screen, but the biggest concern would actually come after that. Since Venom is said to be unrelated with the MCU and Spider-Man is said to be away from this Universe, there would be no other big character left for Venom to take on in the future if they use Carnage in the first movie itself. Carnage is too big of a character, and if the movie actually turns out to be good, there would be nowhere else left for the studio to go after they are done with Carnage. So building towards Carnage in the first movie actually might be a better idea!

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