10 Insane Fan Theories About Thanos That Actually Might Come True 

The final movie of MCU’s phase three, Avengers: Infinity War will finally feature one of the greatest super villains Marvel has created – Thanos. The power-hungry titan is finally I going to take matters into his own hands. The appearance of Thanos was much awaited by all Marvel fans and a result of that are numerous fan theories. As we know usually these theories are very absurd but many a time these surprisingly turn out to be true. Here are ten fan theories which appeared online after the first Infinity war trailer which might have some truth in it.

Thanos’ Gauntlet has its own powers

The original use of Thanos’ famous Gauntlet is to hold all the infinity stones conveniently but in the MCU adaptation looks to be somewhat different. According to a fan theory, it seems that the Gauntlet can control the infinity stones and unleash the power of these stones so it is more than just an awesome glove. It is also said that Thanos has not made this glove himself. The history of this Gauntlet is still a mystery in the MCU hence there are a lot of crazy theories on that case also.

Thanos attacks the Nova Corps

As we know that Thanos decided to take control of the situation and has started the pursuit of the infinity stones. As the fans got to know this many of their theories said that he will attack the Nova Corps in order to obtain the Power stone. This theory was supported by the trailer as we can see Thanos adding the space stone to his Gauntlet with the power stone already present there.

Thanos has not obtained the Soul Stone

Where is the soul stone? No one knows yet. It was a persistent rumor that Thanos has somehow got to it. However, in the First trailer fans noticed that Thanos only has the purple power stone in his Gauntlet. This means that he doesn’t have the soul stone yet. In Age of Ultron’s end, we see that he gets to the Gauntlet which has no stones in it which supports this theory keeping the soul stone a mystery.

Space Stone was taken from Loki

There is a theory which says that Thanos attacks the Asgardian refugees’ ship. As we know from Thor Ragnarok that Loki stole the space stone which is the Tesseract from Odin’s’ vault before the destruction of Asgard by Surtur. Fans say that Thanos will obtain this stone from Loki after being forced to give that while being attacked. The trailer also shows Loki giving the Tesseract to someone with many Asgardians lying on the ground.

Thanos gets all six Infinity stones

Following the Infinity Gauntlet storyline where Thanos becomes a Godlike entity as he has obtained all the infinity stones. The source of his omnipotence is the energy derived from the synergy of all 6 stones. A fan theory suggests that this happens and results in Thanos beating one of the main characters such as Iron Man or Captain America. Kevin Feige even confirmed that the main character of this movie is Thanos hence making this storyline a possibility.

Thanos doesn’t kill the Hulk

As we know that in the epic battle against Thanos many of our beloved Avengers will be killed off. This will be done by MCU as to reset the cast of the Avengers as many of the stars’ contracts are set to expire. However, Ruffalo let out the secret by saying that his character will return in Avengers 4. This has set that the Hulk is safe for now but we never know what will happen on Avengers 4.

Infinity Stones used to resurrect Villains

What is the use of fan theories unless we hear something crazy and completely out of the blue which could be possible? A fan theory suggests that when Thanos obtains omnipotence, he using the powers of the stones gets some villains back to life. Some suggest that villains like Red Skull who were killed by the stones were just transported into another dimension. This taking into consideration the powers of the six stones does not seem as crazy as it sounds. Imagine all MCU movies becoming one and it becoming a real Infinity War.

Captain America Dies

Fan theories are similar to the Infinity war storyline in the comics where Thanos kills Captain America who is brought to life later by the Infinity Stones. But this is yet to be seen if Cap dies in Infinity War or Avengers 4. With Chris Evans’ contract expiring and no indication that it will be renewed after Avengers 4, this seems like a big possibility. With the death of Captain America, either Sam Wilson or Bucky will become the next Cap.

All MCU characters appear in Infinity War

Avengers Infinity War thanos

There are more than 60 characters in the MCU since Iron Man (2008) and all are said to appear in Infinity War. Scarlett Johansson revealed in an interview that more than 3 superheroes are in one scene and almost 60 characters appear in the movie. This led to fan theories where Thanos resurrects superheroes to fight on his side against the Avengers. The possibilities that the Infinity Gauntlet brings into the picture is huge.

All Avengers are killed by Thanos

A crazy fan theory suggests that the power-hungry titan kills off all the Avengers in an epic battle. Even in the comics, Thanos is obsessed with death. Lady Death who is the physical embodiment of death and Thanos’ love interest could be summoned on the completion of the Infinity Gauntlet. There is a theory which says that Thanos fails to obtain the soul stone and the person with this stone could use it to bring everyone to life and to try to defeat the mighty Thanos.

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