The Secret Origin of Eternals Could Show Why They Didn’t Stop Thanos

Eternals is set to come out very soon and the couldn’t be any more hype for the movie. The end of this year is set to be with a bang as we get to witness two of the most massive Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. While one might end up changing the way we perceive the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The latter will introduce us to the multiverse – a concept that has been sufficiently hinted at in the past few projects of MCU. But our prime focus here is going to be Eternals and the question that has been at the tip of the tongues of the fans ever since we got to see the first trailer for Eternals. This is none other than the question of why the heroes from Eternals did not intervene with some of the biggest threats to Earth in MCU history. It seems there is a Marvel Comic revealing the secret origin of Eternals answering the question of why the Eternals didn’t intervene with Thanos in the MCU.


Eternals is all set to introduce us to a set of characters who have always been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but have made sure that their presence is not made felt. The movie will also be an essential part of introducing is to major details into the history of the MCU itself. Eternals were created by the Celestials as a much more advanced version of humans. They wield powers that enable them to help humankind in their advents in life. But they have stayed hidden for a long period of time and have not intervened with the humans unless their enemies the Deviants were responsible.


The Question

Secret Origin of Eternals

This superiority clearly makes us question why these heroes did not participate in one of the most essential moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This moment is none other than the arrival of the Mad Titan on Earth and his move of removing half the population of the planet. But a new one-shot from Marvel Comics could be able to explain these questions that fans have been wondering about for so long. Based on the revelations in Jason Aaron’s run on Avengers and expanded upon in Kieron Gillen’s run of Eternals. This could suggest a clear response to why Eternals chose to not intervene with Thanos in the MCU.


Hints from Comics

Issue #1 of Eternals Celestia by Kieron Gillen and Kei Zama, focuses on the Eternals, Ajak, and Makkari. These two species have been at odds in their relationship with their creators, the Celestials. Avengers #5 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, revealed to us the disgusting origin story for Marvel’s Earth. The true purpose for Eternals was in order to effectively “keep a lid on the petri dish.” 


Secret Origin of Eternals

Ajak and Makkari, who had direct means of communicating with the Celestials, realize that these gods have no interest in keeping in touch with them anymore. It is probably because humanity has served its purpose as “antibodies” for a parasitic horde. The two Eternals are left confused about what their purpose is now considering they don’t have the Celestials to guide them. This could actually build-up to the very reason why the Eternals didn’t interfere with Thanos’ plan to kill half the universe.


Secret Origin of Eternals

If we look at the point of the Celestials, the removal of half of humanity would have hardly made any impact on their plans in using Earth as a breeding ground for sentient antibodies. Humanity would have been easily able to reverse the effects of the snap and return to their original numbers. Thanos’s work would have actually helped the survival of humanity and thus the continuation of the experiment that was started by the Celestials.


Even though Eternals Celestia #1 might not be canon but it might end up giving us a clear insight into the Eternals in the comics, considering the Celestials have abandoned Earth. We can expect to see more in the continuation of this storyline in Eternals #7 on November 3.

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