10 CGI Shots That Were Totally Useless

Pointless CGI Movie Shots:

The first CGI produced film was the Westworld in 1973 and since then we have come far. CGI & VFX are often used in tandem to create scenes that make the impossible look awesomely possible. The use of CGI helps the creative filmmakers get the best ideas out on the screen to create a picture as they would have envisioned it. CGI works especially well in cases where a prop or an entire background becomes too expensive to recreate and cannot be modeled without investing huge sums of money on it. But, below are a few mentioned moments where CGI was employed when it wasn’t even required and made the effect look worse than the cheaper option.

John Wick – That’s one expensive dog poop

In the movie John Wick, John is gifted a small pup to help him with his loneliness. In a particular scene, the dog walks out to relive himself and the audiences can see the complete glory of the little mutt’s colon in action. This scene was a $5000 CGI poop which was added to the movie, just because they could not figure out $2 worth of fake poop or give some cheaper laxatives to the pup to get the desired result.

Social Network – The fake breath

So apparently in the movie the Social Network, the scene where Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield) and Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) exit the party for a small chat, one could see them blowing the hot breath that in the chilly winter night was supposed to be visible because of the cold around is, in reality, a CGI effect fake breath.

Public Enemies – Johnny Depp’s bogus face

In the movie Public enemies, during the first bank robbery scene, Johnny Depp is seen leaping over the bank counter to catch hold of the Bank’s management. The scene looks fairly normal, but the reality is that Johnny Depp was not able to give the right athletic cut of the scene to the director, so Johnny Depp’s stunt double was called in to leap, and whilst doing so Johnny Depp’s face was seen to be fixated like a statue on the stunt double. Go ahead and play the scene to see it for yourself.

The Room – the counterfeit Los Angeles skyline

Tommy Wiseau has been known to make multiple poor choices during the production of this movie. One of such poor choices was the use of the green wall popular with the CGI effect station, to mimic the Los Angeles skyline when he was given access to a rooftop in Los Angeles with a realistic view of the actual skyline. The reason why he did not make use of the option available and decided to go with the latter is still unknown.

Justice League – Digital Grooming

In one of the filming sequence of the Justice League, we can see Henry Cavill being brought back to life but with a weird looking Jawline. Turns out that during the filming of this scene, Henry Cavill was under a contract with the Mission Impossible cast which required him to keep the beard until the end of the movie production. Warner Bros instead of re-strategizing decided to invest $3 million to digitally remove the beard during the post-production. Now call that one heck of a makeover.

Daredevil – Phony rat

In the opening scene of the daredevil movie, we see a rat scampering for scraps. This rat is a CGI gimmick that gave the audience a trailer of what they could expect in terms of CGI productions and real productions.

The Thing – Replacing the real effects with digital effects

The 2011 sci-fi thriller was a failed attempt to recreate the movie from 1982. The movie could have been better if the production team would have swapped all the real effects with the digital render of the same. We know this because the footage of the actual or real effects was found online and was found out to be much better than their digital renders, which left many fans furious about it.

Ronin – The fake burnout

Ronin was known for its action thriller filmed car chasing scenes ever included in the shooting of a movie. Although the film’s director John Frankenheimer boasted of car scene chases happening rather than the use of green screens, the movie boasts of 99.7% of actual car chasing scenes except for one. In this particular scene, Robert DeNiro & Jean Reno are seen making a getaway while making a burnout, which is overclouded by CGI smoke which frankly was never needed.

So which ones from the above-mentioned CGI goof up list did you already know about? Leave a comment in the column below.

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