10 Mind-Boggling Things About Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir That You Never Knew

Thor and his hammer go hand in hand. Mjolnir was the God of Thunder’s chosen and most precious weapon in combat. He has vanquished monsters, aliens, and robot-killing machines with his favorite hammer. But, many of you won’t know that the Hammer Mjolnir is much more than just a swinging and smashing tool. Here are mind-boggling things about Mjolnir that you may not have known.

 10. Wormhole creation

In the MCU Thor requires the Bifrost to travel between dimensions. In the comics, the Bifrost is redundant. His hammer alone does the job. Just like a swing can propel Thor through vast distances, he can swing Mjolnir, in the same way, to open portals to other dimensions to transport not only himself but his fellow Avengers as well. In one issue, Thor made Mjolnir gather enough juice to transport the massive fire giant Surtur to another plane of existence.

9. May have killed the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Extinction

The story of how Mjolnir came to being has varied over the years. One among the many is that it was forged of Uru at the heart of a star which is the official explanation the MCU adopted. If this story is true, then there is a darker side to it. The dwarves that made the hammer required a smelting process that harnessed the heat of a star. After seventeen weeks of being sapped of its energy the star exploded and reached Midgard aka Earth. Since Mjolnir was forged millions of years ago, debris from the explosion could have led to an extinction-level event for our Jurassic ancestors.

8. Houses the power of a cosmic thunderstorm

When time first begins, it gives rise to a mother of all storms called the God Tempest. When the God Tempest threatens Asgard Odin uses his powers to hold it off for days. How did he ward it off you ask? He used a powerful metal to absorb and trap the Mother Storm inside it. The Metal was later used to forge Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

7. Loki is responsible for the short handle

Apparently, Loki hated Thor so much he couldn’t get his mitts of Thor’s beloved Mjolnir’s grub. When the Dwarves of Nidavellir were making the hammer, Loki disguised himself as an insect and stung the dwarf forging it. The dwarf’s attention was diverted for just the right amount of time to commit a mistake. Result – Mjolnir could only be used with one hand.

6. Can cut through a planet to get to him

We always see Thor lifting his hand and Mjolnir coming to him like a lightning bolt, smashing everything in its path. The magical connection between Mjolnir and its master is extremely strong. Mjolnir, even though, an object has an incredible sense of loyalty and won’t stay away from its master for long. Once while in the high seas and fighting an evil sea monster, Thor explains to Namor Mjolnir will pierce through the heart of a planet if that’s what it takes to get to its master once called.

5. Can resurrect the dead

When Thor first steps on Earth in the middle of World War 2. His naïve take on things sometimes leads him into working for the “baddest of the bad.” Once he was tricked by Adolf Hitler into killing Joesph Stalin, who turned out to be an imposter wearing a mask. Realizing he just killed an innocent, he is able to save the guy in the nick of time by absorbing the lightning energy that killed him in the first place reeling him back into the land of the living.

4. Can kill vampires

Any object of religious belief can supposedly kill a bloodsucker. Wooden stakes, garlics or crosses or any such object that adheres to this broader code can do the job. Mjolnir is a prominent object of Norse mythlogy and it also falls under this code. For the hammer to kill vampires, all Thor has to do is to strike them with it. Of course, the only people who can kill vampires with Mjolnir are the people who believe in the Norse mythology apart from being worthy enough to wield it.

3. There’s more than one Mjolnir

Not saying an exact Mjolnir per se, but copies of it just as powerful. Eric Materson was an ordinary construction worker until he merged with Thor as his new Avatar. Later Odin gives him his own version of Mjolnir called the Thunderstrike, effectively starting his superhero career. Beta Ray Bill once ended up lifting the hammer while fighting Thor, proving himself worthy. While Thor won the fight, Odin ordered the dwarves who made Mjolnir, to also create a replica called the Stormbreaker for him BRB.

2. Is a universal translator device

Allspeak is the innate ability of beings with Godlike abilities. It allows them to speak to other lesser life forms in a language that can be easily understood no matter the place and time. Thor was born with Allspeak but sometimes when a human avatar like Jane Foster is deemed worthy, the hammer grants her Allspeak even though she is not a God. The ability stays as long as she is using the hammer.

1. Wonder Woman is worthy of Mjolnir


In the 90’s, the publishers at Marvel and DC gave the fans what they were looking for – A Crossover. Heroes of either universes were transported to the other and set up for a superhuman battle royale. In one such scenario, Diana of Themiscyra ends up in the Marvel universe. Just before she has her fight with Ororo Munroe aka Storm of the X-Men she ends up lifting Mjolnir and proving herself worthy of wielding the Norse superweapon.

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