8 Comic Inspired Things That Should Happen In Shang-Chi 2

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is only the beginning of the completely new world of characters that we were able to witness in the movie. The movie gave us a set of characters which clearly makes us wonder what we might get to see in the sequels. Some of the most original characters got to appear in the movie who are not present in the comics. The major win for the movie definitely has to be that these additions were successful and also this fresh group of characters was able to correct some of the issues the comics and the previous movies in the franchise. Let’s take a look at some comic-inspired things that should happen in Shang-Chi 2.

Chi Mastery

Shang-Chi is considered to be the master of Kung Fu in comic books and this was given hardly any hint in the movie. The movie showed him to be only quite adept when it came to Martial Arts. There are storylines in the comic book that clearly indicate that he can use his inner energy to detect other beings. This is known as chi. This could be explored quite brilliantly in the movies and also refer to the training that he got at Ta Lo.


Shang-Chi’s Half Siblings

Things that should happen in Shang-Chi 2

Amongst the various new characters that MCU invoked via the movie, special attention has to be given to Xialing. She appears to be an amalgamation of all the half-siblings of the Shang-Chi’s from the comic books. Shang-Chi has always had an antagonistic relationship with his siblings and this could be explored much better in the sequels. The clear hint could be taken from the idea that Xialing didn’t do as she was required and now appeared to be the leader of the Ten Rings.


Possessing Other Abilities

Shang-Chi has one specialty over the other characters in Marvel in that he doesn’t possess superpowers to fight with his enemies. But there have been times when he has borrowed the abilities of other heroes and then used them to fight his enemies. In one specific storyline, we got to see him focus on his chi and thus increase his strength using the help of some gauntlets handed to him by Tony Stark.


Training Captain America and Spider-Man

We are well aware that Shang-Chi was also known for training Spider-Man and Captain America. We are also well aware that the Spider-Man in MCU could use some of this training and it will actually benefit him. Shang-Chi actually taught Spider-Man a new martial arts technique titled Way of the Spider in the comics. The sequel could be used as a means of bringing these two characters together and give a nod to this plot from the comic books.


Shang-Chi Spy Agency

The comic books also saw Shang-Chi joining an independent spy agency. This had happened right after he had left his father and started his own spy agency known as the Freelance Restorations. There were multiple such agencies in the comic books. We would love to see Shang-Chi and Katy open such an agency as a means of earning some dough.


Supreme Commander of The Five Weapons Society

Things that should happen in Shang-Chi 2

Apart from the Ten Rings, there are various other hidden organizations and societies that have shown up in the Shang-Chi comics. Most of these involved his father somehow. There’s also the particular scenario where Shang-Chi discovers that his father had named him the Supreme Commander of the Five Weapons Society. The MCU was able to bring back the Ten Rings with dignity and we can expect them to do the same with the Five Weapons Society.


Shang-Chi Joins Avengers

It was fairly obvious that Shang-Chi is now a part of this massive team-up of heroes and he is definitely going to join the Avengers based on the post-credits scene. That is actually what happens in the comic books except it was Captain America who did the honors of inducting him into the team. The second movie could deal with how he becomes a part of the Avengers and how he manages to go ahead with the team dynamics and other details.


The Phoenix Force

Shang-Chi won a tournament in order to prove his worthiness of being a part of the Phoenix Force. This team could be perfectly built into the sequel to the movie, considering most of the characters are already on the way to be adapted by MCU. A movie with such tournaments might be an actually exciting thing to witness for the fans of the MCU.


So these were the comic-related things that should happen in Shang-Chi 2. What else do you wanna see in the sequel? Let us know.

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