Peacemaker Is A Douchey Iron Man (Not Douchey Captain America)

The Suicide Squad was loved by the fans but it did not make as much money as the studio expected. Although the movie might have crashed at the box office, it still made a lot of splashes. The visual delight that James Gunn brought to life n the screen is something that all fans appreciate. One of the new characters introduced by the movie got really popular with the fandom. We are talking about John Cena’s Peacemaker. James Gunn has been heard describing him as a “douchey Captain America” but we think Peacemaker is a douchey Iron Man.

Peacemaker aka Christopher Smith was born to Augie Smith in a small town. The mother of this character was a racist who scarred his son with her views at an early age. Soon, Christopher felt the need to fight for peace in the world. To this end, he became a pacifist diplomat who tried his best to bring peace to the world. He finally succumbed to his violent nature and took up arms. Christopher took in the moniker of Peacemaker to justify his killing sprees. Eventually, he was hunted down by ARGUS and drafted as a member of Task Force X.


Christopher has radical extremist views. He believes that no cost is too great for peace. There is not much that can be done with this worldview especially because the character is set in his ways. He is so confident in his philosophy that he murders a national hero like Rick Flagg to stop the truth about ARGUS from getting out. The Peacemaker does not tolerate anyone disturbing the peace. This is in great contrast to the character of Captain America. He is the kind of hero who will fight for what is right, regardless of the country.


Peacemaker is A Douchey Iron Man

The costume of the Peacemaker, his design, his dialogue, his actions, all seem in line with something that Captain America would say and do. But none of the intentions matches up. Would Captain America murder for peace? Sure, but he would never do it to a national hero who is trying to expose the transgressions of the US government. Cap understands that a government should be afraid of its people and not the other way around. This is the difference between him and Peacemaker and this is also why Peacemaker is such a douche.


We received a few clips from the Peacemaker series and there is an interesting moment that we wish to discuss here. Christopher Smith loves his costume, he loves it so much that he wears it everywhere, even to the diner. This is strange but when Peacemaker is asked why he does it, he says, ” it’s a uniform”. The catch is that the uniform has its own power. It may not grant him superpowers but it does grant him distinction in crowds. He calls himself a “purveyor of peace”, which is a bad reading of the murderer. But we’ll take what we can get.


Our point is that the man is attached to his costume to an unhealthy extent. One of the early things that Tony taught to Peter was – ”if you’re nothing without the suit you shouldn’t have it.” If this is to be applied to Smith, then we come to realize how different he is from Iron Man. You see, Tony emphasizes something to Peter that a hero is more than their suit. This is a lesson that he understood himself in Iron Man 3 and passes on to his protege.


Who are You Without The Suit

On the other hand, we see Peacemaker is obsessed with his clothes. He feels that they give him an aura of power. Especially his helmet which is an odd-shaped piece of metal with a dove on it. The helmet is just so shiny as if it is supposed to signify something. The Peacemaker thinks he fights for liberty and peace while all he fights for is his personal satisfaction. This is not a warrior of liberty, it is an oppressor. Even the moniker Peacemaker inspires the opposite feeling of what it sounds like.


This is the reason we say that Peacemaker is a Douchey Iron Man. What do you think about this analysis of the character? Does it make sense? Are you excited about the upcoming Peacemaker series? Let us know your opinions in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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