The “Mystery Girl” Could Be The New Female Flash on Earth-3 Replacing Jay Garrick

There can only be one Flash. That is kind of the motto of the series. When Kid Flash started doing what Barry Allen was supposed to do in the show, he was quickly ousted from his newly acquired seat and sent to another show. But it is not the Barry Allen we are talking about today. As you know, the concept of the multi-verse is vast and confusing. Several Earths exist simultaneously in alternate realities. Each Earth has one Flash. And one of those Earths just saw the birth of a new Speedster. And the name of the Speedster will leave you guessing and more. Why will it? Coz it’s a Female Speedster and it’s not Iris West.

Spoiler Alert: The Following Paragraphs contain Major Spoilers for The Flash Season 4 Episode – Enter Flash time. If you haven’t watched it, look away you weaklings!!!

Barry Allen is the Flash of Earth 1. There are 52 such Earths spanning throughout the Multiverse. Jesse Quick is the Flash of Earth 2 and Jay Garrick is the Flash of Earth 3. In the latest episode of The Flash, we see Jay Garrick teaming up with Barry Allen and Jesse Quick to disarm an already detonating nuclear bomb in Central City. To do so, they are manipulating space and time with the Speed Force.


The Flash used his super speed powers to enter into Flashtime where the actual time slows down and he can think of possible ways to prevent a tragedy of epic proportions and save hundreds of thousands of lives. At first, he went to Cisco and thought that he could just send the nuke through a breach to dead Earth but he was unsuccessful in doing that, then he went to Caitlin aka Killer Frost who tried to use her powers to freeze the nuclear bomb but she also failed.

Jesse Quick came up with an idea that a speedster produces a Billion joules of energy and three of them collectively can create enough to defuse the nuclear bomb but Jay Garrick is just too old to do that while Flash and Jesse are in their prime.

Finally, Barry’s wife Iris West Allen gave her an idea that he could go into the speedster and throw a lightning rod with everything he has got. At the end of the Episode, the day is saved, but Jay declares his plans to retire as The Flash and let someone else take his role. He also says he has been training a replacement in his place to take over the mask and be the guardian angel of Central City in his absence. While he never said the name of the Future Flash, he did mention she was female.

So, the next time we would be visiting Earth 3, Jay Garrick would not be the Flash anymore. It would be a woman wearing the costume. Given the plethora of Speedster superheroes throughout time and space that the DC Multiverse has given us, we can deduce some guesses that would probably suit the role of being the Future Flash of Earth 3 after Jay Garrick.

Mystery Girl

The Mystery Girl at Iris and Barry’s wedding certainly fits the bill. She has a strange connection to the Allen family and friends. She again was seen at CC Jitters and interrupted the conversation between Harry and Caitlin in her typical manner i.e creating a distraction while doing something sinister. She was also seen writing in the same hieroglyphs that Crazy Barry wrote on the walls the minute he got out of the Speed Force. She could be the future speedster Jay Garrick is talking about.

Dawn Allen

Either Dawn Allen is the Mystery Girl or not is definitely a question in the minds of the fans. As one of the two members of the Tornado Twins, Dawn is a speedster and the daughter of Barry and Iris West Allen. The Mystery girl could very well be Dawn Allen as the evidence is overwhelming. When the Mystery girl met Barry Allen at his wedding, she was just too excited and reminded him to say ‘I do’, something he has not got the chance to say it.


The biggest influence of comics on the show has been “The Trial of the Flash” storyline which has been adapted into the small screen. This particular plot has a unique connection to Dawn Allen. In the comics, Dawn and her brother Don are conceived in the 30th century, after Flash breaks time-space continuum and runs to that point in time post-trial. It’s still unknown as to how exactly this could happen on The Flash – and if the show-runners are even interested to go that far in the future. But the idea of Barry and Iris working on rekindling their romantic love life is not entirely out of the cards. This could be a good way to hint at Dawn’s arrival, even if we don’t reconnect with the adult version of her until later.

Another distant possibility could be an Ant-Metahuman act that outlaws super-powered activity in the Central City in 2042. We have seen parts of it making its way into Arrowverse as Ant-Vigilante act has already been introduced in Arrow.

Carrie Allen

Carrie Allen is the daughter of Barry Allen from an alternate timeline on which John Byrne’s Generations is based upon. In this timeline, Carrie Allen assumed the role of the Flash in the 80’s and 90’s.


XS was created due to the damage to the timeline during Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time. XS is also a descendant of Barry Allen and belongs to the 30th Century. She is a member of the legion of Superheroes.

Sela Allen

In the 23rd Century, Sela Allen, the daughter of that Era’s Flash is attacked by Cobalt Blue. Her nervous system slows down dangerously so the Flash decides to put her in stasis inside the Speed Force. She can now project her consciousness into the real world. Her spirit form can move at the speed of light while her body heals.

Joana Swift

Joana Swift was the secretary of Johnny Quick. Johnny becomes a speedster every time he recites his speed formula. The same formula was once read aloud by Joana who then becomes a speedster by her own right.

Iris West

No not her!! That’s what the fans are saying sarcastically but she can very well become ‘The Flash’ of Earth-3. We are talking about the one from the Kingdom Come storyline. Iris West is the daughter of Wally West in Kingdom Come. Her father has become a speed force God while she became a more traditional hero. In fact, in the next episode of ‘The Flash’ TV show, she will gain speed powers to fight a meta-human who can switch the DNA of people. For the first time, It will be up to her not Barry to save the Central city from this new threat. Well, the title of the episode is “Run, Iris, Run” for a reason.

Teri Magnus

Teri Magnus belongs to the 31st Century. In an attempt to recreate the 21st Century version of Justice League, Teri instead endows herself with superpowers to become a speedster.

Avery Ho

Avery Ho is the Flash of the Justice League of China. She was recreated in the same process that gave us the New Superman. Avery was last seen helping out Barry Allen and Wally West in handling Gorilla Grodd.

Meena Dhawan


In Flash: Rebirth comics, the Speed-Force endowed a lot of Central City residents with Speedster powers. Meena, a STAR Labs scientist, is among them. She develops a Speedster school to train the meta-human speedsters to become an army of good while herself becoming a superhero. Meena then betrays Barry Allen by revealing she is working for the enemy. Her addition could add some much needed ethnic diversity to the show.

Don’t forget to tune in to the future episodes of Flash season 4 as things are going to get very interesting. For more information on Flash TV series, keep reading QuirkyByte and tell us in the comments who do you think will be the Flash of Earth-3.

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