10 Movies That Critics Hate But Fans Absolutely Adore!!!

The movie industry is a peculiar place. It is an industry based around producing art and appreciating the said art. But not all audiences can have the same reaction to art. After all, to the artist, art is an expression and to everyone else art is interpretation. So it is possible that everyone who watches a movie has a different interpretation of it. This is even more evident in movies that end up polarizing the people who watch them. Let me give you an example, or several, in fact. Here are 10 movies that critics hate but the fans absolutely adore.

Fight Club

Fight Club is a commentary on our modern society and how debt controls us. It is a romanticism of the idea of absolute anarchism and it is quite charming. But the movie tanked when it first hit the theatres. The critics were not very happy with the movie on its release. Some even called it “hard-edged violence masquerading as philosophy,” and although that is true the movie soon gained a whole bunch of fans. So much so that it is now considered one of the most amazing movies of all time.



Constantine is based on a comic series by the name of Hellblazer centered around occult magician John Constantine. The anti-hero personality of Constantine was toned down in the movie to give him more of a protagonist vibe. However, the movie did not go down well with the critics. It was called “a little goofy” and “over the top” by reviewers. Still, the audiences quite enjoyed the movie whether they were comic readers or not. Part of the reason for this was a compelling performance by Keanu Reeves.


Rambo: Last Blood

Unnecessary Movie Remakes of 2019

The latest installment of the Rambo series was brought to us in 2019. It was panned by critics upon its release. The movie was given a 26% rotten score by the critics but when the audiences watched it the reactions could not have been more different. You see after everything was said and done the movie ended up with a total score of 81% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes making this one of the most polarising movies in terms of audience and critic scores.



Venom was a different take on the superhero genre by Sony. It was our first look at Sony and was also the first superhero movie since the start of the MCU to feature an anti-hero in the lead. The movie was panned by the critics on release as they considered it to be ‘largely inconsequential’ and ‘run of the mill’ with a lot of forgettable mimicries. However, the audiences quite enjoyed the film despite the criticisms and celebrated it for its excellent CGI.


The Judge

The Judge(2014) is one of those places where you could see Robert Downey Jr as something other than Tony Stark. The movie follows a Judge accused of murder and his lawyer son trying to defend him in the court of the law. This movie was adored by audiences but many of the critics assumed that it was not worth a watch. The few, that did watch it, called it shallow and “oscar bait”. There were also criticisms that the movie focused too heavily on the two protagonists rather than the rest of the cast.


Hot Rod (2007)

Movies that critics hate

Hot Rod was widely criticized upon release. Many critics did not like what the movie was going for. They called it formulaic and inconsistent but the movie soon amassed a cult following in the next few years. Not everyone has a flavor for eccentric comedy so it comes as no surprise that not a lot of people liked what the movie had to offer. The people who found it after were much more appreciative of what the movie had in store for them.


The Greatest Showman (2017)

The Greatest Showman was one of the most interesting movies to come out in recent times. Hugh Jackman plays P.T. Barnum in this musical. Upon the first watch, the critics loved the musical numbers of the movie but they did not enjoy the story. So the overall reviews were quite mixed. However, the audiences enjoyed this movie quite a lot as evidenced by its $435 million collections at the box office.


Memoirs Of A Geisha (2005)

Memoirs of a Geisha inspired a lot of praise from the critics for its aesthetics, the movie also won several Oscars in this category. But the critics still called it an ‘imitation of a soap opera’ thereby bad-mouthing the story of the movie. Still, the audiences had a lot of appreciation for the movie as evidenced by its $162 million worldwide collection which was almost double its budget.


Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker

Rise of The Skywalker was heavily criticized by the reviewers because it supposedly retconned the previous movie in the franchise. But the audiences watched the movie undeterred and came away quite satisfied. This is evidenced by the fact that this movie made $1.07 billion worldwide surprising the critics who thought it would not have been possible.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Movies that critics hate

Godzilla King of Monsters was a modern-day installment in the Kaiju franchise. it was anticipated by the fans and people expected it to be an action-packed thriller. The movie did not disappoint the audiences and it even got a lot of praise but the critics hated the loose story structure of the movie. The Rotten Tomato audience score for the movie stands at 83% but the critics’ score stands at 43% rotten.

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