7 Crazy Powers of Mjolnir You Didn’t Know It Had

Thor’s trustworthy Mjolnir has been his companion in millions of battles over the years. Thor emerged victor almost every time and you might think that the credit goes to his strength. Well, no. He may be the God of Thunder but it is actually Mjolnir that possesses most of his powers. It is actually the hammer that makes him immortal. So, you could say that without the hammer, Thor is just a pretty, built man with beautiful, luscious blonde hair. Here are some amazing powers of Mjolnir that you should know about:


Thor is not a speedster or a sorcerer but he can very well travel through time, thanks to his trustworthy Mjolnir. Mjolnir has helped Thor in traveling through time on several occasions. His opponents even feared them both because of their capability to travel back in time and reverse the battle. However, it is the hammer that can go back and forth through time. So, Thor can only travel if he holds the hammer in his hand.



The worst nightmare for a man who lived through 1500+ years is boredom. And Thor’s mighty Mjolnir has that covered too. Mjolnir can project images in the air, on Thor’s command, of course. This power comes in handy while receiving a video message from his co-Avengers. Plus, it helps him keep an eye on his home planet while he is away, fighting off super-villains. Also, it might be the best replacement for television. Just imagine watching every movie and show in 4K and 3D.



Powers of Mjolnir

Many characters in Marvel Comics are known to generate force fields, however, they are not even comparable to the ones created by Mjolnir. Mjolnir’s force fields are exceptionally gigantic, which can destroy entire galaxies or rearrange the very molecules of an element. The hammer’s force fields can use a planet’s gravitational force against it and destroy it to its very core. Just imagine all the destruction that Thor could’ve caused if he was an antagonist.



Thor may be the God of Thunder and possess powers that are beyond the reach of a mere human, however, he is not immune to the effects of poison. It is a known fact that a little dose of cyanide can easily put down the God of Thunder, provided that he is not holding his hammer. Mjolnir has the ability to pull out the toxins from its wielder’s body. However, the ability has its limitations too. The hammer pulls out the radiation from the toxins. Jane Foster, who suffered from cancer, had to take radiation therapy after every time she wielded the hammer as it reversed the effect of her prior treatments.



Thor is the God of Thunder and the protector of the nine realms. He works as an Avenger and a King to his people. He doesn’t have time to keep track of all the languages and dialects being used in different corners of the universe. And in steps the Mjolnir’s ability, Allspeak. It helps the God of Thunder to speak in any of the languages he wishes. It helps him during diplomatic meetings and intergalactic communications.



Powers of Mjolnir

No, it doesn’t create zombies. That’s what you thought, right?! IT works in a slightly different way. It can revive the characters who were long dead. This ability has helped the Avengers in battle several times, namely every time Captain America died on the field. However, one time, even Thor died but his trustworthy hammer brought him and Captain back. So, as long as one holds the hammer, he is immortal.



This power was revealed very recently. Now that Thor has retired and Jane Foster has taken his place, Mjolnir belongs to Jane. In her battle with the Silver Samurai, she was shot with a Midas bullet, which is Thor’s Kryptonite. It lowered her godly powers, turning her into a mortal. However, Mjolnir took charge and transformed itself into Jane Foster to operate her then and there. However, the limitations of this ability are still unknown.

By now, you’d think that Thor isn’t doing much, well, you are partly right. Mjolnir may do all of Thor’s work for him but it still has to be wielded by someone. So, in a way, Thor is doing all the heavy lifting.

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