Thor 4: The God of Thunder New Look Explained

Post pandemic fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are on a new drip and the drip is the new and exciting news of Thor 4. With an already initial delay of 18 months, we were finally given access to the new concept trailer for Thor love and thunder.

The God of Thunder New Look
The God of Thunder New Look

2021’s WandaVision already seems to be aiming for a home run and might be hitting all the balls out of the park for a home run. But the upcoming TLT (Thor: Love & Thunder) seems to be aiming a notch higher than normal.  How do we know this? Well, one look at the cast of the movie and you’ll start freaking out yourselves.

The God of Thunder New Look
The God of Thunder New Look

Members of the cast include Chris Hemsworth (Obviously), Natalie Portman, Tessa Thomson, Christian Bale, Chris Patt, Karen Gillian, and the cast for Guardians of the Galaxy. If we consider Marvel comics, there can be multiple speculations that may be arrived at and all of them at the same time. The Marvel cinematic universe has taken quite a lot of consideration while making their movies and somewhere down the line even changing the original story to create the perfect retroactive continuity. Marvel was supposed to churn out quite a few movies in the year 2020, but we all know how that went. That is why 2021 is the year that may come bearing fruits for multiple Marvel fans out there.

The return of Natalie Portman might just confirm the speculation that Foster Jane might just wield the power of Mjolnir in TLT and with the addition of Christian Bale to the cast, the return of Beta Ray Bill is also amongst many of the rumored speculations. In the last 2019, San Diego Comic-Con director Taika Waititi was not much for words, but he did kneel and offer a replica of Mjolnir to Natalie Portman in the presence of Chris Hemsworth further fuelling the speculations of Jane Foster’s return as the Thor Girl.

In a recent post of pics on the Twitter handle of Thor: Love and Thunder News, Chris Hemsworth & Chris Patt are seen in completely new costumes with Chris Hemsworth holding the Stormbreaker and Chris Pratt in Wandu’s scavenger’s uniform. TLT for sure has gotten every MCU fan all fired up and geared for the next story of Thor: Love & Thunder to hit the theatres in 2022. The costume in which we see Chris Hemsworth is also not Thor’s regular costume thus hinting at another plausible alternate version of Thor.

Thor Mjolnir The God of Thunder New Look
The God of Thunder New Look

One such plausible argument is the return of Thunderstrike, who was a normal guy named Eric Masterson who was near to death at a construction site where the actual Thor was working. Thor prayed to his father to help Eric and Odin heading to his son’s prayer merged Eric with Thor to give him a new lease on life.

Thor's Sibling

Now in Marvel Comics Thor ideally has multiple siblings and no Loki is not one of them as we are talking about blood relations. Like to be frank Thor himself is the son of Odin & Gaya (Mother of Earth) but while Thor was growing up he was looked after by the queen of Asgard his stepmother Freya – The Goddess of Marriage. Similarly, the siblings do not share the same biological mother but do share the DNA of Odin because of his many escapades during the time he was still missions across the 9 realms. Leading to another speculation that maybe one of these siblings like Balder – The god of light, Angela – Warrior of heaven, Hermod – God of speed, Tyr – God of War, Bragi – God of Poetry & Vidar – The Silent God (He never had anything to say) may make an entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor Love And Thunder Introduce Beta Ray Bill

One of the most anticipated speculations that the fans are getting worked up about is the entry of Beta Ray Bill, who by origin is a Korbinite and whose race was originally being eviscerated by bad Nebula and Thanos army in Avengers Endgame.

Teasers Marvel Has Forgotten

Beta Ray Bill’s easter egg can be seen in the movie Thor: Ragnarök on the side of the guardians’ tower where Thor and The Hulk have the epic Thor Ragnarök duel. Yes duel, it was not a fight because no harm was done. Beta Ray Bill is an important character to the MCU as after Odin’s untimely demise, Asgard being destroyed in the battle between Hela & Surtur, and Heimdall being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War the 9 realms remain unguarded and the weight of that responsibility falling on Thor’s shoulders. He needs all the help that he can get to restore peace and order.

So speculations aside, all we can do is wait and expect Taika Waititi to do what he does best.

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