11 Reasons Why No Way Home is The Best Spider-Man Movie of All Time

No Way Home set a precedent by coming out last year. The movie featured three generations of Spider-men in a way that we could have never thought possible. Inter-franchise connectivity was unheard of until now, but now everything is fair game for Marvel, and the movie that made it all possible was No Way Home. So we made a list of reasons why No Way Home is the best Spider-Man movie of all time. We have 11, let us know if you can come up with more down in the comments below. Take a look:

The Three Generation of Spider-Men

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The first and the foremost reason why Spider-Man: No Way Home was the best movie of all time is the culmination of 20 years of movie-making. When we saw Andrew Garfield coming through the portal we almost jumped in our seats. The fact that the final twist was already leaked a year and a half ago only adds to this achievement of Marvel. Due to their marketing, fans were even ready to ignore a full leaked clip from the movie without the CGI.


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Since the build-up was so good, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the final payoff in the movie with the Spider-Men fighting together was absolutely legendary. This moment will go down in movie history as one of the most exciting ones in the MCU. It was at this moment that the fans realized the lengths this studio would go to let fans savor their experience. There is also the fact that if they did not save the twist then the movie would end up running with huge losses.


Uncle Ben Payoff By Maguire

Before the movie came out there was a theory flying around which suggested that Uncle Ben of the MCU may have already died and that he may have looked like Tobey Maguire. Fans thought that the inclusion of Maguire in the movie would be a very emotional moment for Tom Holland’s Peter as he would be reunited with an Uncle Ben variant. But things did not work out quite like that. Part of the reason for this was that no one anticipated the death of Aunt May in the MCU.


However, Marvel Studios used a different route to accomplish the same goal. To make Tom aware of his responsibility, Marissa Tomei’s May was given the iconic line and it was echoed by both Spider-Men. Like big brothers teaching taking care of their younger sibling. Tobey even stopped Tom from killing the Goblin, even after he had killed May. This shows the true lengths that Spider-Man has to go to, to be the hero that everyone needs.


Daredevil Is Back

I mean, how could we leave Charlie Cox’s cameo out of this list. The character found his way onscreen because of the accusations that came his way after the “Mysterio” incident. Matt Murdock defended Spider-Man in the court of law and cautioned him about the court of public opinion. Then Daredevil saved the kid from a brick flying to his face only to top it all off by saying, ” I am a really good lawyer”. None of this was meant to add to the story, of course, it was a nod at the fans that the studio knows exactly what it is doing.


You Are A Deeply Mistrusting Person

Best Spider-Man Movie

The entry of the Spider-Men is really cool but the real reason why it works so well is that the character personalities were more or less retained even when the franchises and universes were changed. This is evidenced by the fact that all three Spider-men are the same awkward people they were in their own universes. Take the bread scene for instance. Michelle Jones throws bread at Andrew Garfield to check his “Peter Tingle” if that is not the most MCU thing I have ever seen I don’t know what is.


There Are No Retcons Here

The very fact that all of these characters from different franchises were collected together is mid-boggling. But when you start thinking about the fact that these villains did not exist together and still get to share a screen together, things start to get serious. The crazy thing about all of this is that there are no retcons in this movie. Opening up the multiverse allows marvel to pick these characters from a particular incident in their universe and let the multiverse theory resolve the continuity issues. For every contradiction, there is a new timeline that resolves it.


The Fatal Five

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The collection of almost all the villains of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery makes this movie a treat to watch. These characters are alive and they interact with each other in a way that seems real. I mean, you cannot put these characters in a room and not expect the building to get destroyed. Then there is the final battle that tops all Spider-Man final battles. The Statue of Liberty battle definitely makes everything worthwhile, even the fakeout in the Brazilian trailer.


True Love

One of the highlights of the movie is MJ and Peter’s relationship. They have come a long way after Far From Home. Although, the time frame is only a couple of months in real-time their relationship has matured significantly in a way that will impact his further adventures. They seemed to have moved beyond the Honeymoon phase into a more mature dynamic. It is a shame that the movie resets this relationship in act 3. Watching Peter shy away from telling MJ the truth breaks our heart and that is exactly what it is supposed to do.


There is Magic In My family

Ned also developed from merely being the guy in the chair to being a natural-born sorcerer. He was able to produce portals instantaneously and instinctively, furthering his character arc from just “the guy in the chair”. The final moment of him flowing down with Strange’s cape was also a highlight amongst the already exciting final fight of the movie. Maybe he will become Strange’s student in the future.


Green Goblin

Best Spider-Man Movie

Why is No Way Home the best Spider-Man movie of all time? Two words, Green Goblin. A story is only as good as the villain and this story had plenty. But Green Goblin’s inclusion in the film was a masterstroke. Willem Dafoe’s performance coupled with Tom Holland’s anger made for some amazing moments. The Goblin killed May in an instant and without remorse. He also laughed off Spider-Man’s punches like they were pillows.


The Movie doesn’t miss a beat

In all honesty, I have seen the movie a couple of times, and every time I rewatch it I realize that there is not even one wasted frame in the entire movie. everything is perfectly structured to keep your attention. The story arcs have resolutions and everything that is built up is paid off in time. Even the character developments from the previous movies are not abandoned but are built upon continuously.

6th Highest Grossing Movie of All Time

No Way Home has been a big commercial success for the studio, the movie has made a lot of money. It had one of the biggest openings of the year and now the movie has even crossed The Lion King to become the 6th highest-grossing movie worldwide. The total gross revenue of the movie stands at $1.691 million out of which $14.1 million were earned on the latest weekend. It seems that No Way Home has no intentions of slowing down.

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