Avengers 5 Should Fix This Big Mistake Of Bucky From Phase 2 & 3

About 15 years ago, nobody knew who Winter Soldier was, except comic readers. But MCU’s portrayal of James Buchanan Barnes changed it all. Captain America’s best pal, Bucky, is now a household name and has a huge fan base. However, I think I say this on behalf of everyone when I say that the recent movies have not done his character any justice. Winter Soldier has a lot of potentials, and we are yet to see it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let us now have a look at how Avengers 5 can fix this big mistake of Bucky: 

Introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger, Sgt James Buchanan ‘Bucky Barnes’ was a childhood friend of Steve Rogers. He was the one who inspired Rogers to be the soldier he always aspired to be. But Bucky seemingly died after falling to death from a train, before he could see the end of the war, only to end up in Hydra’s labs. The scientists experimented with his mind and body and created the first Winter Soldier. He served as the personal mercenary for the evilest corporation in the world for almost 70 years. His arc is one of the most tragic ones in the entire MCU.


Reintroduced in the second instalment of the franchise, Bucky was a broken, mindless assassin, and Steve helped him out. He helped him out with his issues, issues regarding his mercenary days, and helped him reach Wakanda, where the Dora Milaje helped him in every way that the Hydra broke him. Then just as we were going to get the best version of the Winter Soldier, he was snapped away by Thanos. He could have been a huge help in the time heist, but the writers had different plans for the character. His Disney+ series, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier did him some justice as he battled with fitting into the society, but the series focussed more on Sam’s journey in becoming the new Captain America, so Bucky was left hanging yet again.



By now, everyone knows about the potential that Bucky holds. Of course, most of that potential is in his left hand but he deserves some long-due respect. The way he handled the Flag Smashers, alongside his quest to apologise to everyone he hurt in his mercenary days, and also supported Sam as he took on the responsibilities of Captain America shows that he is more than worthy of being a mainstream Avenger. Not to mention, he has the appropriate experience for the job.


Big Mistake of Bucky

But the main reason that Avengers 5 should focus on Bucky’s journey to redemption is the way Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame treated him. After the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Bucky didn’t get enough time to show the world what he is capable of. The Battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War could have been his place to shine, but Rocket took the spotlight away from him. So Avengers 5, even if it is not his last movie, should feature Bucky in some prominent scenes, showing off his skills as a soldier and a leader.



Bucky has served his time in the army and as a mercenary. And one thing about war is that it never changes. Technology changes and it increases the damage following a war but the nature of both sides remains the same. And that’s where Bucky’s experience comes in handy. We said the same with Captain America. He didn’t know much about the world, but on the battlefield, there was nobody who could’ve led the Avengers better than him. And until Sam Wilson is ready to take on that responsibility, Bucky should lead the Avengers.


There is one more reason that we want Bucky to become a mainstream character, rather than appearing in alternate projects. When he came out of the trauma from his Hydra days, many viewers related to him. In today’s world, when mental trauma is a major issue, viewers need to see him struggling to, and then finally fitting in the world. For all these reasons, it would be not wise of the writers to not give Bucky his due.


What are your thoughts on this big mistake of Bucky? What do you think about it? let us know about it down in the comments.

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