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Doctor Strange Literally Uses Surgery To Battle Evil Entities

Doctor Strange is one of the most important characters in the Marvel world considering he is the Sorcerer Supreme. The once doctor is now using his skills of learning to learn to use magic in order to fight off major villains in the world. He has played a major character in comic books ever since his arrival. Being one of the most essential figures in his side of the superhero spectrum he has been associated with some of the most essential teams in the Marvel world. His threats and acts have often made a major impact on the comics world. Marvel’s “The Death of Doctor Strange” reveals that Doctor Strange literally uses surgery for his sorcery. Let’s take a look at how many of his magical methods are actually quite surgical in nature. 

The Preview

The recent preview of Marvel Comics’ upcoming Death of Doctor Strange has confirmed that Sorcerer Supreme fights evil by performing magical surgery. The title of the comic suggests that it gonna follow the narrative of his death. There’s no specific hint to how those events will unfold in the comic book though. A certain moment from the comic book does involve him intervening in a police standoff with Mr. Rasputin. The latter is being taken over by a massive amount of summoned power from another dimension. As a result of that, we get to witness Doctor Strange take matters upon himself to resolve the issue. But the way that he uses his magic is quite unique as we get to witness him resemble the style of surgery. This is quite a massive nod to his past as an actual surgeon before he began his studies of sorcery.

Doctor Strange Literally Uses Surgery

Death of Doctor Strange #1 will be coming from writer and artist duo Jed Mckay and Lee Garbett. There are hints of the drastic consequences the death of the Marvel hero will have on the Marvel Universe as a whole. There’s a possibility that the death will come in the means of murder but it has left us wondering who will be murdering or who has sufficient power to kills the Sorcerer Supreme himself. The preview does let us know how much we will end up missing the character on his passing in the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Strange literally uses surgery

In the preview, we get to see Doctor Strange arrive in a scenario where the police is threatening to shoot at one Mr. Rasputin aka Pavel Plotnick. It seems that Plotnick has summoned power from the wrong dimension that has ended up linking him to the Seven Sons of Cinnibus which belongs to the dimension of Celestial Concordance. Strange assures that he severe this link by specifically mentioning that it will be just like doing surgery. He then clamps the conduit of the power before he goes ahead and severe the connection. This just goes to show how much he excels with the gifts of being a neurosurgeon which are beyond his abilities as a Master of the Mystic Arts.

Doctor Strange literally uses surgery

This is a cool new addition to the way Doctor Strange uses his power. The idea of Doctor Strange’s sorcery resembling his surgical work is an incredibly fun and dynamic addition to his character. This serves as a major callback to his past life before jumping into the wagon of sorcery and magic as a surgeon. This was also seen once before quite recently in Marvel’s Strange Academy. Here we got to see him fixing one of his students by using the help of a magically enhanced operating room.

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