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6 Questions About The DCEU Raised By Peacemaker Episode 4

The HBO Max series Peacemaker is done with 4 episodes now. James Gunn brings a narrative from the DC Extended Universe that we wouldn’t have expected. Each episode was a completely different experience for the fans and it is evident that there is a lot that is yet to come out. The show successfully introduces new characters but at the same time develops the arcs of the past characters from the movie. John Cena perfectly captures the goofy persona of Peacemaker while at the same time having some interesting realizations. The series has actually hinted at some of the other characters from the DC Comics universe about being part of the DCEU too. There is a lot to unpack from the series but the latest episode had some interesting things to reveal. Let’s take a look at all the questions about the DCEU that fans were left wondering about after Episode 4 of Peacemaker.

Are The Legion Of Super-Heroes Canon To The DCEU?

In a rather hilarious moment of conversation between Peacemaker and Murn, the former ends up addressing a lesser-known DC hero. He mentions that he has actually worked alongside Matter-Eater Lad and that this character had some really strange experiences with his power. While fans might be wondering if this is actually true or not, this is actually a character from the Silver Age DC Comics. The same was done before in an episode where John Economos references Bat-Mite thus confirming him being a part of DCEU. But these characters might end up indicating more than we might have imagined. Matter-Eater Lad has been a member of The Legion of Super-Heroes, and his confirmation could mean that the legion might also exist.


Why is Murn Killing the Butterflies?

Questions About The DCEU

One of the most shocking discoveries in the episode has to be the one right at the end regarding the character of Murn. The truth behind Project Butterfly has not been revealed yet. We are left wondering about what is actually happening but we know the characteristics of these beings. Murn seems to be the one who is most aware of these targets and there was an air of mystery surrounding him from the very beginning. We discover during the very last minutes of the episode that he is actually a butterfly alien himself. But that actually ends up contradicting his motive as we don’t know anything about his true motives now. His true allegiance seems to be answered yet considering he clearly cannot be a double agent working for the butterfly alien people.


Did Batman Stop Killing?

There is a lot of question regarding the character of Batman in the DCEU. While we might not be sure about the status of Batman in this cinematic universe, there are some other factors that still remain questionable. Ever since we first saw Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we are well aware that he is a lot more gritty and darker. We clearly saw him kill a lot of his enemies when he was rescuing Martha Kent and this indicated that this Batman actually kills his enemies. But based on the argument between Peacemaker and his father’s we infer that Batman has a no-kill rule. This could mean that Batman might have brought back this policy in DCEU.


Are Hawkman Or Hawkgirl Part Of The DCEU?

There are quite a few characters that have been made canon by the DCEU. The DCEU might have been working on their own Justice League but there is some question whether those narratives are canon or not. There are a few other projects coming up that will introduce new DC heroes and increase the number of future Justice League members. It seems that there could be a few more characters that the franchise might add to the DCEU. The confirmation that White Dragon actually existed in the DCEU and even had a comic-accurate costume might indicate the presence of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. There was a past reference to Midway City where they reside in 2016’s Suicide Squad. These two references can clearly indicate the chance of Hawkman and Hawkgirl being a part of the DCEU.


Did Adebayo Shoot Judomaster Intentionally?

Questions About The DCEU

Murn isn’t the only character who has an air of mystery surrounding their motive and goals. We discovered that Adebayo is actually the daughter of Amanda Waller and this could put some interest towards her true perspectives. The rest of the team also questioned about her being added to the team as they didn’t know about her either. When we see Judo Master actually telling Peacemaker about the true story behind the butterfly aliens, he is shot by Adebayo. In his past appearances, Adebayo had failed to use the gun to shoot people but she didn’t hesitate to do that in the case of Judo Master.


Did Peacemaker Kill His Brother?

Not much is known about the character of Christopher Smith and his upbringing. Fans were excited to see that his father was introduced in the first episode as it meant that we will get some insight into his character this way. But Episode 4 took things in a different direction when we found that the team knew about his history and his relationship with his father. We found out that the file about him mentioned that Smith was involved in his brother’s death. There are even flashbacks to this at the very end of the episode only to indicate that his brother might have died of an overdose or a head injury.

Are there any other questions about the DCEU that you need answers about? Let us know in the comments.

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