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10 Incredible Facts About Superman’s Evil Clone Bizarro

Bizarro is the product of Man of steel’s DNA put under the knife and replicated with the aim of creating lone of Superman. But the cloning process fails and the half-completed clone that emerges is one demented, mutilated fella who is the polar opposite of Superman in each and every way.

The Law says Bizarro has to screw up

Superman is the epitome of the human spirit. He is all things kind, generous and noble. He always does the right thing and saves the day. But Bizarro is not Superman. After landing on Planet Htrae, Bizarro repopulates the world with his own copies and writes the constitution itself. And the constitution binds Bizarro to do the wrong thing.

Bizarro can create infinite clones of himself

In the earlier issues, Bizarro could only use the tech that he could find and salvage to create an imitator ray that makes clones of himself. After Superman’s 19080s reboot, Bizarro never even needed the ray. He had powers that allowed him to clone himself and create infinite Bizarro copies.

Bizarro is immune to Kryptonite

When you talk about Superman’s weakness – Kryptonite comes to mind. The green rock from Clark’s parent world can literally kill the man of steel with its radiation if exposed to it for too long. Bizarro is the opposite of Clark. Kryptonite does not weaken him. In fact, Bizarro can even eat the Kryptonite and still retain all his powers.

Bizarro does not have a secret identity

When Superman is not wearing the Red Cape, he is wearing his glasses and working on the Daily Planet. He needs a secret identity to protect his loved ones. Bizarro never needed it. More like he never cared for one. On his first day at work on Htrae’s Daily Planet, he wrote in super speed and was outed as the Bizarro immediately.

Bizarro has fire breath and freeze vision

Superman’s most well-known powers aside from his bulletproof skin and the ability to Fly are his heat vision and his freeze breath. But things take a little turn when Bizarro comes into the picture. His powers include the ability to breathe fire and freeze his opponents with sight.

Bizarro does not give a fuck about Lex Luthor

The Lex Luthor we know and hate is the bald-headed supervillain with a genius IQ that rivals the best of those in the entire universe. He always uses that big brain of his to make Superman’s life hell as much as possible, a source of constant worry for the Man of Steel. Bizarro’s homeworld also has a Lex Luthor but he is kind of a sissy and his plans are either too stupid (like converting Bizarro’s home planet from a cube to round or making a flying submarine) or they never work in the first place.

Bizarro will kill if he wants to

Bizarro is a twisted character who is just as powerful as Superman but lacks a moral code. Superman likes to keep it noble and clean. He never crosses the line. But not Bizarro. He will kill anyone who gets in his way. He has already done it several times in the comics.

Bizarro can die permanently

A quality the Superman seems to lack outright in DC Comics and also in the movies of DCEU. Supes can never stay dead for a long time. The latest event where Supes died was in the NEW 52 reboot but it ended up allowing Superman from the pre 52 time period to come to this timeline and merge with the dying Superman. Death is something that comes easy for Bizarro in DC Comics but not the Man of Steel.

Bizarro is immune to power negation

When Superman is fed up with Bizarro and leaves him on a deserted planet to survive alone, Bizarro starts making friends with the rocks there. Darkseid then arrives to harvest the planet’s minerals for their unique power dampening qualities. As the whole Justice League stands powerless, it is then Bizarro, who is immune to this phenomenon of ‘Weirdation’ that saves the day.

Bizarro laughs in the face of death… quite literally


One of Superman’s most profound changes in the reboot is his sense of vulnerability. If he dies, the whole world faces grave threats that no one but he could stop. Bizarro has already faced such threats in the past. When an army of Blue kryptonite men invaded Bizarro’s homeworld Htrae and destroyed it, leaving Bizarro as the only survivor. All he did was laugh it off.

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