10 Biggest Achievements of Venom In The Comics

Venom has made his addition to the movie adaptation quite a significant success for the fans of the character from Marvel comics. Other than Tom Hardy’s take on the role of Eddie Brock and Venom it is the character itself that makes a much bigger response from the fans. There is a variety of villains that the character has that makes for an enjoyable take on the character. The movies were always a bit more towards the idea of showing the relationship between Venom and Eddie Brock and this is the very reason they are rather enjoyable to watch. But fans of the comics would know that there is a lot of other aspects of the character that are supposed to be picked up and made into essential elements of a proper narrative. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest accomplishments of Venom from the comics and how they actually make the character awesome. 

Becoming a Force of Good

Fans of Venom from the comics were actually surprised to see that the character took an anti-hero sort of persona in the 2018 film. This is actually taken from Venom: Lethal Protector where we get to see the character have a massive transition in personality. After leaving New York, he goes to San Francisco and he actually takes on the role of a hero and we get to witness him actually embrace his heroic persona.


A Government Approved Gun

If you are surprised with him becoming a hero, there was a time that Venom actually got some backing from the government. The character did some questionable stuff over the initial years in the comics but his brutal effectiveness did actually get some notice. This narrative in Venom: License to Kill actually was a nod at Judge Dredd and this helped Venom make a serious impact in the Marvel Universe.


Dealing With a Thermite Bomb

Biggest accomplishments of Venom

One of the biggest parts of the narrative of Venom is the fact that there is a certain chemistry between Venom and Eddie Brock. Venom: The Finale actually pays attention to the nature of Eddie Brock’s living with a symbiote. During one such particular moment, we see Venom being implanted with a thermite bomb in order to control them. Eddie manages to get rid of the explosive and save Venom thus going to prove Eddie’s strength without Venom.


Finishing The Venomized War

\Venom actually saves the universe in Venomverse where we saw the Poisons that are capable of absorbing symbiote required to be stopped. Doctor Strange actually uses his powers to bring Venomized heroes from other universes to his for help. This narrative actually goes to show that Venom has an impact on the Marvel Multiverse.

Becoming a Part of The Sinister Six

The Sinister Six is arguably one of the most interesting teams of baddies in Marvel history. These characters who form the team have varied numerous times over the years in the comics. But we actually got to see Venom join the team in Amazing Spider-Man #12 as a surprise that is revealed right around the end. There is even a possibility of this happening in the new Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland considering Sony already has Venom in hand.


Stopping a Murder Spree

Carnage has always been one of the most menacing enemies that Venom has faced over the years in the comics. We even got to see a taste of it in this year’s Venom: Let There Be Carnage. But in Maximum Carnage, the character goes on a murder spree and we get to witness Venom coming together with Spider-Man in order to stop him. This narrative is something that actually brought Venom the closest to being a hero.


Controlling The Bloodthirst

Biggest accomplishments of Venom

As we had mentioned, one of the major parts of the narrative of Venom is the fact that the character is a mix of Eddie and Venom. This makes it a mix of a human and a symbiote, both of whom have completely opposite intentions. Venom actually has a bloodthirst and Eddie has to make sure that the symbiote doesn’t actually act on it. In Venom: The Hunger we actually get to see Eddie find out the true reason behind Venom’s hunger i.e. the requirement for phenethylamine.


Defeating Carnage

Venom defeating Carnage is something that has been seen multiple times in the narrative for the Lethal Protector. But one of the biggest achievements for the character has to be the first time Venom defeats Carnage. This is actually the first time when Venom actually became good and showed the colors of an anti-hero character. Amazing Spider-Man #361-363 actually sees the character going against a similar but larger character and wilder opponent along with Spider-Man.


Finding Out Spider-Man’s True Identity

The biggest narrative in the comics and the Marvel movies has to be the concept of seeing Spider-Man’s identity being revealed. This became a massive narrative in the Marvel Cinematic Universe story for Spider-Man. The comics also see Venom actually discovering the true identity of Spider-Man and thus holding leverage over Peter Parker. Amazing Spider-Man #300 saw Spider-Man actually depending on the fact that Venom keeps the secret of Spider-Man’s secret identity.


Finding Out About Knull

One of the most interesting comics from Venom saw Knull who created the symbiotes. He actually used the first of the symbiotes to form a sword in order to decapitate a Celestial. This character is quite important to the arc of Venom and one of the stories actually navigates how Venom discovers Knull and finds out his true purpose in the universe.

So these were the biggest accomplishments of Venom so far.

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